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men's fashion mistakes

Hello guys! Welcome back to men’s dream lifestyle As the saying goes, “clothes maketh a man.” While some people might argue that looks are everything, it’s important to remember that what we wear can make or break our overall appearance. Even if you’re blessed with good looks, there are certain fashion mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Here are 12 ugly things good-looking guys never wear.

1. Skin Tight Jeans

Skin Tight Jeans

That no matter how good looking you are you should not be wearing nowadays is skin tight jeans. Those skinny jeans that literally show everything from your veins, to your calves, to things that we do not want to see. Here’s the problem with skinny jeans, they looked very cool for a little while from like 2016 to 2018, 2019 they were cool. I’ve been thinking about this one why are guys still trying to wear skinny jeans today and i think i know the answer. From 2015 to 2019 skinny jeans were it, you go outside and every single guy was wearing skinny jeans. 

And that also coincided with the time when men actually started caring about fashion and caring about what they look like so, a lot of guys did their research they found skinny jeans on Pinterest, they found skinny jeans on youtube channel and decided to wear skinny jeans. But, here’s the problem, they were actually a fad, they were never a classic style, they were doomed from the beginning.

2. Loud Designer Logos

men fashion mistakes

The next thing that you will not see good-looking guys wearing is designer logos everywhere. You know those guys that just wear stamped logos all over their shirts, pants, shoes, and watch I mean everything has a big logo on it. That just makes it look like you’re trying to show off your status right? You’re coming across as shallow and materialistic and it also shows a lack of personal style. 

Some people believe that relying on designer logos is a key component of their outfits, of their style but that’s not a strong sense of personal style. You’re just relying on those brands to show that “hey I got money, hey I can dress, hey I can buy whatever I want”. But, instead of using those designer logos as a crutch to your style, you should actually take some time to develop your own unique personal style. You should not be focusing on the brand or the logo instead, focus on the quality of the fit and the way that it is loos.

3. High Quiff

Next on this list is something that your boy used to wear all the time, the super high quiff hairstyle. Nowadays if you pay attention to it’s actually careless, carefree, messy, curly, wavy hairstyles that’s what’s trendy, that’s what’s papular. 

4. Extra-Distressed Jeans

Let’s go back to jeans, I already talked about skinny jeans but I haven’t mentioned overly distressed jeans. They have holes, they have frayed edges or you know signs of wear and tear that are not natural, literally looks like you fought a bear and you lost. 

They’re obviously not for a formal setting, they’re very casual like maybe too casual and that’s a problem in itself but, also they’re just not trendy, they’re just not cool. Like the skinny jeans they were trendy for a little bit maybe around the same time actually with the blown-out knees, you would see them all over Instagram, you would see them all over Pinterest, and I post them myself I used to think they were cool and they were but, nowadays it’s ether baggy pants if you want to be on trend if you want to be fashion forward, let’s say or just a nice tailored fit that’s where you should be going for.

5. Patterns on Patterns

Next on the list is clashing patterns now, when you wear too many patterns together, they clash, compete with each other, and create this confusing overwhelming look. It’s distracting, it takes away from the overall aesthetic of the outfit it lacks cohesiveness, and it’s challenging to find patterns, that actually complement each other and create this harmonious outfit. It’s doable but, you have to be a pro at it, I’ve seen a lot of models pull it off at runway shows when they’ve been styled by the best stylists in the world. It’s doable but for the everyday guy I would definitely stay away from putting too many patterns together because, it’s too busy, it can be chaotic and it’s hard for the eye to focus on one element of the outfit, which creates a sense of confusion and almost discomfort for you to look at that outfit.

6. Split Toe Shoes

Split Toe Shoes

I’m talking about the split-toe shoes, I don’t care how much you paid for your Maison Margiela Tabby shoes. People are trying to do too much these days look, I’m all for trying new things look, at my hair I’m trying something new trying to stand out I get it. You want to stand out from the pack but, this one doesn’t make it to the list of cool, standout pieces, it screams try hard.

7. Sports Jersey

Next on the list is sports jerseys now, before you attack me, I’m just talking about sports jerseys as a fashion item outside of like game night. outside of you actually going to a game, unfortunately as much as I like sports, as much as I appreciate sports. Sports jerseys can just be seen as broy right? as like a guy from the Frat House who’s wearing a sports jersey, that’s what it’s looked at. Unless of course, you can style it in an incredible way which I’ve seen done but, again very difficult to pull off.

8. Facial Piercings

Next on the list, I actually have a funny story about this one facial piercing. Mostly eyebrow piercing and then the septum piercing, I’m not gonna lie, I kind of like guys that have a nose piercing here sometimes, it can look really good depending on your facial you know structure on your bones but, you a boy one time when I was maybe like 16, 17 came this close to getting a tongue piercing, I’m not even joking guys can you believe it.  

9. Designer Bets

The next item that’s on this list, that you should not be wearing is big designer belts. The ones that have the big logo, it kind of goes hand in hand with the other tip about not wearing designer all over it’s tacky, it’s flashy and it’s literally like right in the middle of your body, it’s just like here’s Gucci. Here is this big designer belt, look at it everyone looks at it, it’s just not the vibe, it’s not very cool.

10. Tapout Shirt

Of course, this one had to be on the list look, I love UFC, and I used to do Jujitsu back in the day, I was super into it but, I am proud to say that I never owned a Tapout shirt. The big Tapout shirts with all the logos and designs and graphics just don’t look good, again they give off that like bar fight vibe that you’re not trying to go for you’re trying to look cool, you’re trying to be handsome, that’s really all it is and the tap out branding is everything but, cool definitely stay away from that.

11. Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes have been a popular fashion trend for many years. From oversized t-shirts to baggy jeans, people have been embracing the comfort and relaxed style that baggy clothes offer. However, as mentioned earlier, wearing baggy clothes can be a fashion mistake that good-looking guys should avoid. Here’s why:

  1. They make you look sloppy Baggy clothes can make you look unkempt and disheveled. If you’re wearing clothes that are too big for you, it can appear as though you didn’t take the time to find clothes that fit properly. This can detract from your overall appearance and make you look less put-together.

  2. They hide your figure If you’re blessed with a great physique, why would you want to hide it under baggy clothes? Baggy clothes can obscure your figure and make it difficult for people to appreciate your physical attributes. Wearing clothes that fit well can help you showcase your body and enhance your overall appearance.

  3. They can be unflattering Not everyone looks good in baggy clothes. In fact, some people can appear shapeless or unflattering in clothes that are too big. Instead of relying on baggy clothes to hide any perceived flaws, try wearing clothes that fit well and flatter your body type.

  4. They can make you look younger While looking youthful is a great thing, wearing baggy clothes can make you look like you’re trying too hard to hold onto your youth. Wearing clothes that are age-appropriate and fit well can make you look sophisticated and stylish, regardless of your age.

  5. They can be uncomfortable While baggy clothes can be comfortable to wear, they can also be uncomfortable if they’re constantly shifting around on your body. This can be especially true if you’re wearing clothes that are too big for you. Wearing clothes that fit well can be just as comfortable, without the added discomfort of constantly adjusting your outfit.

In conclusion, while baggy clothes might seem like a good fashion choice, they can actually detract from your overall appearance. By opting for clothes that fit well and flatter your body type, you can enhance your style and showcase your best features. Remember, fashion is all about making choices that help you look and feel your best, so choose wisely.

12. Clothes that don't match

Have you ever seen someone wearing an outfit that just doesn’t seem to match? It’s a common fashion mistake that can make even the most good-looking guys look sloppy or out of place. Here’s why clothes that don’t match can be an ugly thing that good-looking guys should avoid:

  1. They can be distracting When you wear clothes that don’t match, it can be distracting to the people around you. Instead of focusing on your overall appearance, they may be wondering why you’re wearing clothes that don’t seem to go together. This can detract from your overall presence and make you look less put-together.

  2. They can clash Wearing clothes that don’t match can result in clashing colors, patterns, or styles. This can create an overall effect that’s jarring or unattractive. By taking the time to coordinate your outfit, you can avoid any clashes and create a cohesive look that enhances your overall appearance.

  3. They can make you look less stylish Good-looking guys often want to look stylish and put-together, and wearing clothes that don’t match can detract from that goal. Instead of showcasing your sense of style, you may appear as though you just grabbed random items from your closet. By matching your clothes, you can create a more cohesive and fashionable look.

  4. They can make you look less confident When you’re wearing clothes that don’t match, you may appear less confident in your own sense of style. This can make you seem unsure of yourself or uncomfortable in your own skin. By taking the time to coordinate your outfit, you can show off your confidence and sense of style.

  5. They can make you look unprofessional If you’re dressing for a professional setting, wearing clothes that don’t match can make you appear less polished and put-together. This can be detrimental to your overall professional appearance, and can even impact how others perceive your competence and reliability.

In conclusion, while it can be tempting to throw on whatever clothes you find, taking the time to coordinate your outfit can make a big difference in how you’re perceived. By avoiding clothes that don’t match, you can showcase your sense of style and create a more polished and put-together look. Remember, fashion is all about making choices that enhance your overall appearance, so choose wisely.

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