30 Best Things to Do in Sydney: Explore the top activities

30 Best Things to Do in Sydney: Explore the top activities

Welcome to our journey through Sydney, Australia’s stunning jewel of the south. Whether you’re a local looking for new adventures or a visitor planning your dream trip, this guide will unveil the 30 best things to do in Sydney. From iconic landmarks to hidden treasures, Sydney offers a wealth of experiences that promise to delight and inspire. Let’s dive in and explore the top activities that make Sydney truly unforgettable!

1: Sydney Opera House

Our journey begins with the iconic Sydney Opera House, a masterpiece of architecture and a symbol of Australia’s cultural sophistication. Marvel at its unique sail-like design, take a guided tour to learn its history, or catch a world-class performance inside one of its many theaters.

2: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Next up, the Sydney Harbour Bridge beckons with its impressive steel arches and breathtaking views of the city skyline. Climb to the summit for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or simply stroll across and soak in the panoramic vistas of Sydney’s sparkling harbor.

3: Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach: things to do in sydney

No visit to Sydney is complete without a trip to Bondi Beach. Join the surfers riding the waves, relax on the golden sands, or explore the vibrant beachside cafes and shops. Bondi’s laid-back atmosphere and stunning coastal scenery make it a must-visit destination.

4: The Rocks

The Rocks: things to do in sydney

Step back in time at The Rocks, Sydney’s oldest neighborhood. Wander its cobblestone streets lined with historic buildings, browse the markets for unique souvenirs, and uncover tales of Sydney’s convict past at the Museum of Sydney.

5: Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo: things to do in sydney

For wildlife enthusiasts, Taronga Zoo offers a chance to encounter Australia’s native animals up close. From koalas and kangaroos to exotic species from around the world, this zoo combines conservation with education in a picturesque harborside setting.

6: Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden: things to do in sydney

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at the Royal Botanic Garden. Meander through lush gardens, admire colorful flora from Australia and beyond, and enjoy picnics with stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House.

7: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery of New South Wales: things to do in sydney

Art aficionados will delight in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, home to an impressive collection of Australian and international art. Explore exhibitions ranging from contemporary works to classic masterpieces, all set within a beautiful gallery space.

8: Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour: things to do in sydney

Experience entertainment and dining at Darling Harbour, a bustling waterfront precinct. Visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, catch a movie at IMAX Theatre, or enjoy a leisurely meal with waterfront views—it’s a hub of activity day and night.

9: Manly Beach

Manly Beach: things to do in sydney

Venture across Sydney Harbour on a ferry to Manly Beach, a paradise for surfers, sun-seekers, and nature lovers alike. Explore the scenic coastal walk, discover hidden coves, and indulge in fresh seafood at one of Manly’s beachside eateries.

10: Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye: things to do in sydney

Gain a bird’s-eye view of Sydney from the Sydney Tower Eye. Ride to the observation deck for panoramic vistas stretching from the Blue Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try the Skywalk for a thrilling outdoor experience.

11: Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains: things to do in sydney

Escape the city for a day trip to the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed wilderness just a short drive from Sydney. Discover dramatic cliffs, ancient forests, and stunning waterfalls, including the iconic Three Sisters rock formation.

12: Barangaroo Reserve

Barangaroo Reserve in things to do in sydney

Experience Sydney’s newest waterfront park at Barangaroo Reserve. Wander its native gardens, relax on grassy lawns with harbor views, and learn about the site’s rich Aboriginal and maritime history through informative displays.

13: Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park: things to do in sydney

Visit Sydney Olympic Park, the legacy of the 2000 Olympic Games. Explore sports venues, cycle through parklands, or attend events and concerts at ANZ Stadium and Qudos Bank Arena—it’s a vibrant precinct for recreation and entertainment.

14: Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island: things to do in sydney

Immerse yourself in history at Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site in Sydney Harbour. Discover convict and shipbuilding history through guided tours, camp overnight in waterfront tents, or simply enjoy panoramic harbor views.

15: Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay: things to do in sydney

Savor breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour from Watsons Bay, the city’s oldest fishing village. Enjoy fish and chips by the beach, hike to the historic Hornby Lighthouse, or take a ferry to nearby islands for a day of exploration.

16: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia: things to do in sydney

Discover cutting-edge art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in Circular Quay. Explore innovative exhibitions, attend talks and workshops, and admire works by leading Australian and international artists against a stunning harbor backdrop.

17: Pitt Street Mall

Pitt Street Mall: things to do in sydney

Indulge in retail therapy at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney’s premier shopping destination. Browse flagship stores, boutique shops, and designer boutiques, or simply soak up the bustling atmosphere of this pedestrian-friendly precinct in the heart of the city.

18: Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market: things to do in sydney

Feast on fresh seafood at the Sydney Fish Market, the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Sample oysters, prawns, and sushi straight from the ocean, or join a seafood cooking class to learn culinary secrets from the experts.

19: Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum: things to do in sydney

Uncover science, technology, and design at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. Explore interactive exhibits, marvel at vintage cars and steam engines, and engage in hands-on activities that inspire curiosity and creativity for visitors of all ages.

20: Centennial Parklands

Centennial Parklands: things to do in sydney

Escape to nature at Centennial Parklands, a sprawling green oasis in the heart of Sydney. Cycle or horse ride through scenic trails, picnic by tranquil ponds, or simply relax amidst lush lawns and gardens—it’s the perfect retreat from urban life.

21: Sydney Harbour National Park

Sydney Harbour National Park: things to do in sydney

Explore coastal beauty at Sydney Harbour National Park, protecting rugged headlands, secluded beaches, and Aboriginal heritage sites. Hike scenic trails like the Manly to Spit Bridge Walk, and keep an eye out for native wildlife including whales during migration season.

22: Chinatown

Chinatown: things to do in sydney

Immerse yourself in culture and cuisine at Sydney’s vibrant Chinatown. Wander through bustling markets, sample authentic Asian flavors, and discover hidden laneways adorned with colorful lanterns and traditional architecture—it’s a sensory journey through Asia in the heart of Sydney.

23: Australian Museum

Australian Museum: things to do in sydney

Delve into natural history at the Australian Museum, Australia’s oldest museum located near Hyde Park. Encounter dinosaurs, marvel at minerals and gemstones, and learn about Aboriginal culture through immersive exhibitions that captivate and educate visitors of all ages.

24: Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets: things to do in sydney

Experience the eclectic vibe of Glebe Markets, a treasure trove of vintage fashion, handmade crafts, and gourmet delights. Browse stalls selling everything from retro vinyl records to organic produce, and soak in the bohemian atmosphere of this beloved weekend market.

25: Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory: things to do in sydney

Embark on a journey through the cosmos at Sydney Observatory in Millers Point. Attend astronomy talks, observe celestial objects through telescopes, and learn about Sydney’s maritime history—all against the backdrop of stunning city views and starry skies.

26: Hyde Park

Hyde Park: things to do in sydney

Relax amidst greenery at Hyde Park, Sydney’s oldest public park. Stroll along tree-lined avenues, admire historic monuments like the Archibald Fountain, and enjoy cultural events and festivals that bring this urban oasis to life throughout the year.

27: New South Wales Art Gallery

New South Wales Art Gallery: things to do in sydney

Discover European and Asian art treasures at the New South Wales Art Gallery in Sydney’s Domain. Marvel at classical paintings, attend lectures and guided tours, and immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression spanning centuries and continents.

28: Brett Whiteley Studio

Brett Whiteley Studio: things to do in sydney

Step into the creative world of Brett Whiteley, one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, at his former studio in Surry Hills. Explore his works of art, studio space, and personal memorabilia, gaining insight into his life and artistic vision that continues to inspire.

29: Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House: things to do in sydney

Journey back in time at Vaucluse House, an elegant estate nestled in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Tour the historic house, gardens, and stables, and learn about the lives of the Wentworth family and the colonial history that shaped Australia’s early years.

30: Ferry Ride on Sydney Harbour

Conclude your Sydney adventure with a scenic ferry ride on Sydney Harbour. Cruise past iconic landmarks, soak in the harbor’s natural beauty, and capture unforgettable views of Sydney’s skyline from the water—it’s a fitting finale to a journey filled with discovery and wonder.


Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the 30 best things to do in Sydney. Whether you’ve experienced Sydney’s iconic attractions or discovered its hidden gems, we hope this guide has inspired your next adventure in this vibrant city. From cultural landmarks to natural wonders, Sydney offers something for everyone to enjoy and cherish. Until next time, happy travels and keep exploring the world around you!

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