5 ways to start a conversation with a girl: Tips for Men

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you avoided speaking with a women? Who you were extremely attracted to because, you were scared. The truth is it’s probably because you weren’t sure of what to say so, you hoped that you would just walk towards you and introduce yourself but, that never happens does it. So, today i have important tips that you need to know to start a conversation with an attractive girl.


The first one is open with humor, if you can make a girl laugh you got her hooked, it’s one of the best ways to flirt and actually break the ice at the same time. For example if she’s on her phone, she’s just texting right you look at her and say wait were you just texting me because, my text messages aren’t coming through. Or you just say hey he’s probably not going to text you back so you should just have a drink with me instead.

Opening with a little bit of humor is probably one of the best chances that you have once they smile, then laugh it’s all over. Even if they say “Hey you know sorry i have a boyfriend” it’s still a win because you made her laugh and you know that it’s a good opener so, save it keep it in your back pocket for the next time you see a girl who you’re really into.


Next we got asking her about passion, like what does she do for fun or to make it more interesting you can just say something. 30 seconds tell me everything about you go. Here’s the thing about people they love to talk about themselves and the more you know about her and her passions the more that you can talk about. Definitely don’t ask her about her ex-boyfriend that’s not a good opener leave that conversation for some other time. The whole point of this is to get her to open up a little and give you some thing to talk about so that you can actually connect on a deeper level which itself is more attractive.

Situational Question

We have something situational basically, it’s your job to observe the world around you and then say something about what’s going on around you both. Let’s say you’re both at a bar sitting next to each other you could say something like you you know is probably the most uncomfortable seat i’ve ever been in my life. It’s an easy opener it moves you straight into a normal conversation that, then gives you a chance of being more direct. You could also say something about her drink, if it’s super girly with a flower and some fruit, you can poke a little fun at that, you could say something about the bartender or the music they’re playing, observe the world around you and all of a sudden you can come up with relatable topics because, she’s also going to notice those things.

And pro tip here if something funny happens you need to capitalize on that immediately. For example you know someone trips and almost eats it right in front of you guys just mention something about that, make fun of it, you know capitalize on those moments because she’s right there, so she’s also experiencing those things.

Be Quick

The next tip i have for you next time you see a woman that you want to approach, you how to start a conversation with a girl within five seconds means that’s it, that’s is like the buzzer you got five seconds don’t wait any longer to start a conversation with a girl. why? Because, if you give yourself too much time, most guys actually end up having too much time to think of excuses, to not go over there and start a conversation with a girl, maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she’s not gonna be into me, maybe excuses excuses excuses, all in your head. 

So, if you don’t it within five seconds of seeing her, you’re not really gonna have time to come up with those excuses. Then you can actually start a conversation using the tip that i’ve given you like mentioning something around you guys using humor or asking a simple question.

Even if you run out of ideas and you don’t know what to say, you have to go and something within five seconds. You can try the classic approach like “Hey we met before, you look so familiar look” it’s not the best opener. But, sometimes it’s all about going back to the basics, all right it’s not a bad idea to go back to the basics so, just ask have we met before, you look familiar that’s fine. It’s light-hearted it’s not too pushy and sometimes it works. Look! at the end of the day you just need to start the conversation then you have the freedom to take the conversation and go from there.


Next if there’s one thing that women absolutely love it’s gotta be a good compliment. A good old compliment can go a long way. The more detailed the better right instead of saying something like i like your outfit, say i like your belt or your nails. 

Most women put a lot of time and effort into their looks so, noticing those things is always a good idea and don’t say oh you’re so pretty damn you’re hot or you’re so fit it needs to be better than that find something unique, something that might even surprise her those are the best things to compliment. Look at her phone case, look at her bag, her shoes or even her friend’s phone case if she’s in a group or with a friend you can definitely say something about someone else, Then once you break the ice you can just pivot to her.

One thing i know for sure, getting rejected is always better than not trying. Just say something anything is better than nothing just to see where the conversation goes because, it could work out well and you already have a no so you might as well so, if you can get it yes.

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