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Hello guys, Welcome back to Men’s Dream Lifestyle. I want to make sure that you have an amazing year this year right. So I’m going to give you guys five small changes that you can apply these changes very easily, You can apply these changes now and they will improve and change your life and lifestyle instantly.

1. Explore New Places

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So because of the past two years which is crazy to say we’ve been all cooped up inside, we haven’t really been able to go outside as much as we’d like. But that is actually really really bad. So my tip for you is to go to new places. Go to places that you haven’t been to yet. 

         Why? Because as humans we tend to fall into these routines of doing the same thing every single day, Going to the same places every single day, every single weekend, you go to the same bar, you go to the same restaurant. When you order if you order food you’re staying in you order from the same exact places all the time. 

         Yeah, I guess you know what you like and that is completely fine but try to expand that horizon man, try to expand your knowledge. Go to new places go new places meet new people step out of your comfort zone because that will pay off in the end. This is a small tweak that you can make to your life right now. 

          That will completely be changing your life and lifestyle. You can say hey I’m gonna go to a new place every week or every month and that immediately changes your life and lifestyle I’m telling you so start today.

2. Acts Of Kindness

The next item on the list is being nice and doing acts of kindness daily and I’ll tell you why? Sometimes we think hey you know what I’m a nice guy, I’m not a bad guy right. But in reality, try to think of the last act of kindness that you actually did, and sometimes you might not remember because it maybe it’s been a while and that’s not your fault. It’s just because we’re so consumed by everything that we have going on in our lives right. 

         Helping your friend move, Calling your parents telling them that you love them, that they mean a lot to you. Do something that people might not necessarily expect from you that day and then once you do once you perform this act of kindness they will be extremely happy and extremely satisfied with what you’ve given them.

3. Work Smarter

The next tweak that you can make to your life right now to live a better life and have a better is of course being smarter with your fitness and health goals. You know that’s saying work smarter not harder it also goes for fitness, it also goes for health and being in the best shape of your life. 

          you can work out as hard as you want, and every single day you can lift super heavy weights. But if you don’t have the knowledge behind it, If you don’t know anything about nutrition, If you know how many calories you’re burning and consuming every single day. You’re probably not going to be in the best shape of your life, you’re probably not going to improve as fast as you could.

4. MINS ( Most Important Next Step)

The fourth thing that I have for you is that will complete a change in your lifestyle and this is extremely important. If you do this it will absolutely change your life in every single way, In your career, In your relationship, In your day-to-day life. That is applying MINS to your everyday. 

             What does MINS ( Most Important Next Step) do anything that you do in your life your apply MINS? I heard this other day and it was like wow man this is amazing. I’ve been doing this for a while but I never really thought of it that way the most important next step. 

              This goes for everything. Everything that you do in your life just thinks of the most important next steps. Because sometimes you feel overwhelmed there’s so much going on around us there’s so much information, so much news, so many good things, bad things, work stuff, personal stuff, family matters. Block everything else out and think of the most important next step and then go and do it. 

               I’m telling you this is life-changing especially for you guys that tend to procrastinate a little bit and by the way that is normal it happens to everyone. But you have to think of the most important next step and you have to act on it.

5. Be Hydrated

Next on today’s list and a big goal of mine in know days I need to be more hydrated in general, I tend to not drink as much water as I should, especially if I’m busy with work. So what I’m gonna tell you is very simple again these are changes that you can make to your life right now. 

              That is put a full bottle of water on your desk at the start of your day and make sure that you finish it twice. That’s super helpful you know if you can drink more than that amazing. But at least two bottles of water during your work hours are just put on your desk. Just place it right next to your laptop, to your computer to your phone whatever, and just make sure that you’re taking a sip you know every few minutes, and man your body will completely change. 

                 Why? I know it sounds cliche but drinking water will change your body and will change your health. Because it’s good for your skin, It hydrates your skin right, it also flushes out toxins, it also is great for your hair, so don’t have dandruff, so that your hair doesn’t dry out. It’s also very good for your muscles and for weight loss, I mean there are so many benefits of being well hydrated by drinking water. 

                I’m telling you it is completely a change in your life and lifestyle. It’s so easy to do but humans tend to forget right Why? Because there are so many other tasty drinks out there soda and chocolate milk I don’t know what you guys drink. Hydrate instead of dehydrating yourself I’m telling you to hydrate every single day as much as possible.

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