Body Wash for Men

Hello guys welcome back to men’s dream lifestyle! Today we’re going to look into the best body wash for men in india market. Here i am tell you can you go for it or not?  What are the ingredients added to it? How does it feel to bath? Does it give you a fresh feel? Do they result in any side effects? Their price and which is of these is worth the money you spend on them, Ingredients added, I’m trying to sort the best one from these based on these criteria only. 

All of them have the PH value ranging from 5.5 – 6.5 an average, All of them have certainly got a good PH value. I categorize them into three ways, Harsh, Medium, Mild based on their ingredients.

Harsh (Body wash)

"PEARS" Body wash

body wash for men

First best body wash for men in india is from the brand ‘Pears’. Let me tell you the user experience first, It may not give you much of a fresh feel after you bath. This comes under the category Harsh when compared to the other ones as per the ingredients. You can buy it if you want to but, It may not be that great or effective. It just feels like a regular peers soap.

"NIVEA" Body wash

NIVEA body wash

Next body wash is from the brand ‘Nivea’ both of them are unisex. This also has harsh detergents yet a top selling body wash, I categorized them into Harsh because, there are milder body washes when compared to this, which is why i list this under Harsh. This gives you a better fragrance and a fresh feel when compared to peers body wash. You can go for them if you’re okay but, there will be harsh ingredients when compared to the mild body washes that i’m going to tell you.

Dove's Body wash and Nivea's Men charcoal body wash

Next best body wash for men in india is Dove’s Body wash and Nivea’s men charcoal body wash. This men’s charcoal body wash from Nivea performs better than the unisex body washes that we saw earlier, This is a 3 in 1 wash for your hair, face and body. It doesn’t dry out your hair too much but does dry out a little, Just a little amount of dryness it is. It performs really good and its fragrance is good too, Good fragrance also requires a lot of chemicals involved. But, frankly speaking, the fragrance is really good. Yet this seems to be a little harsh when compared to the mild body washes that’s why, I list this under Harsh.

 Next is Dove’s Body wash, This is the mist economical one because, you can get an 800ml bottle for Rs.300. This is also almost the same, It has the same ingredients as Nivea’s. But, this has the best smooth experience of all despite the harsh chemical content and economical too. The user experience is just amazing despite the harsh chemicals and value for money too.

Medium (Body wash)

"Biotique" Bio Apricot Body wash And "Beardo" Detan Body wash

As know already, Biotique doesn’t reveal all the ingredients used, They reveal only 20% of the ingredients used which are more like natural ones, The remaining 80% of the ingredients remain unsaid that’s why, I can’t list this under mild because, I have no clue what’s added to it. But, it performs good not excellent, Not as much as Dove performs, Has a milder fragrance.

The next Detan Body wash from “Beardo”, One of the best body washes from Beardo, It feels amazing on using and looks like chocolate cream, Gives you a fresh feel. The fragrance smells like a mixture of coffee flavoured candy, caramel, AXE chocolate flavoured perfume but, this is a men’s brand. But, you’ll get addicted to this fragrance irrespective of your gender. The ingredients have too much of color based ingredients in order to attain this perfect caffeine color. Color is completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with a body wash, There’s coffee extract and fragrance and too much of additional color components that’s completely unwanted. That’s also a reason why i list under medium.

Mild (Body wash)

Man Company's Anti Bacterial Body wash

The first best body wash for men in india under this category mild is Man Company’s Anti Bacterial Body wash. This is a tea tree and other essential oil based product, Fragrance is also pleasant and smells like orange peel. It doesn’t really feel good while using despite being mild in nature, It’s oily in nature, It’s thick and produces great amount of foam. But, It doesn’t really make you feel freshened after bathing, It creates an oily layer over your skin. Costs about Rs.300 / 175ml, You can buy it if the price is convenient.

WOW's Ubtan Body wash

WOW Skin Science body wash

Next is Wow’s Ubtan Body wash, This is mild in nature, Ingredients are milder than all the others that we’ve seen so far, Completely looks transparent, It performs moderately. Doesn’t give you a great fresh feel, Doesn’t make your skin oily but, performs moderately. Smells a little feminine you can check out the ingredients and decide on buying it.

Mama Earth's VIT-C Body wash

Mamaearth Vitamin C Body Wash

Next is the Mama earth’s VIT-C Body wash, This is mild too, has no harsh chemicals. Smells more like orange peel, Man company’s Anti Bacterial Body wash and Mama earth VIT-C body wash smells the same, Same ingredients should’ve been used for fragrance. It performs really good, It neither makes your skin oily nor makes it dry maintains your skin perfectly. The orange fragrance will give you a re-freshening feel, Performs better than WOW body wash, You will feel the difference yourself. 

"Arata " Body wash

Arata body wash

Next is one of the mildest body washes we’ve seen so far this body wash from Arata. Has a jasmine flavoured fragrance and this very expensive. It costs Rs.254 for just a 75ml pack, Larger quantities will cost you more, This is not economical. 

"PHY" VIT-C energizing body wash (Recommended)

PHY Bodywash

Here’s the best body washes of all VIT-C energizing body wash from PHY. This is technically a men’s brand but women can use this too. You can check the ingredients, It’s mild indeed. It has got excessive/ strong fragrance, Yet an energizing fresh sea breeze fragrance. It has small particles inside small scrubs but, not exactly scrubs, That scrubs do not cause irritation to your skin, They’re more like beads. You can surely achieve a good bathing experience without hurting your body. You’ll get a fresh feel on using this, Doesn’t dry out your skin at all.

This can retain the freshness in your body for a longer time, The fragrance is long lasting you don’t need any perfumes. You can feel the energizing sea fragrance of this body wash even for a whole day. This has menthol unlike any other body washes, You will feel chilled while taking bath and attain a fresh feel, You will feel chilled, relaxed and fresh.

It’s mild as far as the ingredients are concerned and also performs amazing when compared to the other body washes that we’ve seen so far. This has menthol unlike any other body washes, which gives you chilled, relaxed feel. Costs about Rs.300/300 ml And trust me, this is worth the money, You don’t have to use too much of the product, Just a single pump would do for your whole body, You’ll get an amazing fresh feel.

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