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Best Hair Oil in india

Hello, Welcome back, Today we are gonna see about the best hair oil for hair growth in india market. I planned to cover almost all the oils available in the market and to suggest the best oil out of those! I will be listing those five best hair oils in this article.

Before moving on to the best hair oil, I want to clarify one more thing! It doesn’t mean that you will be free from all hair problems if you just applied these hair oils which am suggesting and if you think you don’t have to do anything else then, that’s completely wrong! 

If you think your hair will be healthy if you just apply the hair oil then it is similar to writing an exam without any preparation with the hope that god will help; Do you think you’ll pass that exam!! Surely you will fail; 

What do in healthy hair growth;

To have healthy hair growth, the first thing is “proper sleep” sleeping at the right time with a minimum of 8 hours of good deep sleep! 

The second thing for good hair growth is drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily.

The third important thing for good hair growth is intake a prober and healthy nutritious diet. If you are asking, whether it is enough to just eat rice, idly or dosa for 3 times! Then it’s a big “NO”. And you have to eat more vegetables and fruits! 

The fourth method for controlling hair fall and promote hair growth is to avoid stress. Don’t get too much stress! Avoid getting over-stressed as it may lead to hair fall.

The fifth method is to use the best hair oil, The hair oil comes only at the fifth point so only i have mentioned those four important points at first. Before that, these four points are highly important! 

5.) "Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil"

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

The best hair oil at fifth place is “Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil” While opening itself, you may notice that it doesn’t have a natural fragrance. They have added some artificial fragrance in the form of scent flavors to suppress the oil/onion smell, I personally don’t like scent flavors in hair oil. We are just gonna apply it for hair to maintain it healthy, so what’s the need for scented fragrance! Apart from this, they have used many good ingredients and so am listing it at the fifth place. But it is price at 400 rupees (around 399) for 150 ml bottle. And also the thickness or density of this oil is low when compared to normal coconut oil.

" Wow Science Onion Hair Oil"

Wow Science Onion Hair Oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

I am listing another hair oil at fifth place that is “Wow Science Onion Hair Oil”. Similar to mamaearth, this is also an onion hair oil and it has smell of orange fragrance. Compared to mamaearth, the thickness of this oil is much better and this also has multiple natural ingredients. Also they have added many ingredients which promote hair growth.

4.) "Daily Nature Onion Hair Oil"

Daily Nature Onion Hair Oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

The best hair oil at fourth place is ” Daily Nature Onion Hair oil” from amazon. I am listing at the fourth place because, This based on “Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil” And “Wow Science Onion Hiar Oil” This. But, That used in onion seed and also used onion but, this one used one only onion juice. This one you get 200 rupees for 100ml in amazon. You buy that two hair oil better you choose these one. Also these one smell are not fragrance natural oil with natural herbs and than red onion.

3.) Organd Gold "Onion Oil"

Organo Gold Onion hair oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

The best hair oil at third place is “Organ Gold In Onion Oil” These hair oil are not white in color, It’s a red color. Also it have added so many herbs for hair growth and it’s price less than 300 rupees for 200ml and it’s worth for these price. These hair also decent so, it give to try and these one i will listed third place. Maybe you will go mamaearth or wow better you can try these one.

2.) Lindo Beauty hair oil

Lindo Beauty hair oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

The best hair oil in second place is “Lindo Beauty hair oil”. These hair oil price is around 400 rupee for 100ml, It costly but it is worth. These one added for black pepper, tea tree oil, small onions, flax seeds, hibiscus, fenugreek like this more than.

1.) Dhathri Hair Care Plus Hair oil

Dhathri Hair Care Plus Hair oil

best hair oil for hair growth in india

The best hair oil in first place is “Dhathri Hair Care plus” hair oil.  These price are 275 rupees for 100ml get in amazon, Also all the four hair oil these one are many natural ingredient are added with proper manufacture practice using and manufacturing. And also these hair oil are blue in color. I listed the best price, best quantity, best quality is the best hair oil are these one “Dhathri Hair Care oil.

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