Best Men's HairStyle

 Hello guys! Welcome back to Men’s Dream lifestyle. The men’s hairstyle trends world has changed so much from when I started posting here and it’s actually so refreshing, it’s great to see guys like you stepping up and changing your hairstyle.

1. The Curly Undercut

The first one on today’s list of men’s hairstyle trends is called the curly undercut. Now the reason why I love this hairstyle is first of all curls are in right. The curls and the texture just look so good. But even if you have straight hair or wavy hair you can definitely achieve this hairstyle by using a diffuser and making sure that you get those curls in there and also using some type of curl cream.

         I see so many guys rocking this look right now I think it’s so refreshing because it is a really cool look and for a while, every guy with curly hair was straightening it outright. That was like the trend, that was what was in but now curls are in curls get the girls that’s what they say so you know what? This is a great hairstyle for you guys definitely try this out.

2. The Mullet

The second men’s hairstyle trends I had to add this one in here I mean the thing is it’s hot it’s the Mullet. It is definitely popular right now, It is a hairstyle that I think looks good. No, I really don’t think it looks good I think it’s a funny-looking hairstyle. who decided that it was time to bring back the mullet but it is back you see it everywhere, It’s all over the runways.

3. The Flow

The number three men’s hairstyle trends, I think most likely the most popular hairstyle of 2021 maybe even 20 2o as well. I think the flow I’m gonna call it the flow. The flow is the hair it’s kind of like a middle part curtain hairstyle but it’s not so clean mine’s a little bit more on the clean classy side. The flow is more messy right, It’s got more texture, it’s fuller and it is a great hairstyle and it’s all over tick-tock, it’s all over Instagram, it is a very popular hairstyle right now. I think the beauty of the flow is that it’s just so careless. It gives you that careless I don’t care look.

4. Short Textured Fringe

The number four men’s hairstyle trends is this hairstyle man I’m not gonna lie to you guys I’ve been playing around with the idea of getting this as my next haircut it’s a short textured fringe. It just looks so cool man and it looks so clean. I love how clean it looks you know you have the shorter sides here or you can go a little bit longer if you want but I’m definitely thinking bout going with the shorter sides to make it look edgier to make it, look more modern, and then you have the short textured fringe.

5. The Classic Middle Part

The number five men’s hairstyle trends is pretty much what rocking right now the classic middle part. As you guys know the 90s vibe the vintage vibe is back and it’s back in full strength right. We’ve seen fashion evolve from the 90s to 2000 and so on and so forth and now we’re back in the 90s. We see baggy jeans, we’re seeing tie-dye, we’re seeing I mean the middle part is a huge 90s trend. Leonardo Dicaprio right David Beckham they were all rocking the middle part back them. 

          Now that it’s back you see this all over social media I mean look I’m rocking this hairstyle because I know that it’s a trend right now and it’s funny. Because you know if you asked me a couple of years ago I’d be like no. the middle part that’s done you know it’s over. But trends just have a way of coming back and they come and go and then they come back again at full force and that’s exactly what happened with the middle part now. In the middle part, you can rock it straight down the middle or you can have it, you know where it’s more asymmetric kind of like that if you want.

6. The Messy Quiff With A Low Fade

The next men’s hairstyle trends is one that probably will never go out of fashion is one of those classics that you can have forever but as I said make sure that you’re trying a new hairstyle once in a while. This is “the messy quiff with a low fade”. now the messy quiff is something that I’ve had multiple times, I think it’s a great hairstyle, I think it makes most guys look great depending on your face shape and it’s just so easy to achieve and also easy to cut. You can go to pretty much any barber and they’ll know what to do. If you say hey I want a messy quiff with a low fade. 

         I think the secret here is to make sure that it’s messy, you know not too long ago two-three years ago it was the trend to make it more clean-cut. Right to have like a pompadour or the classic quiff, that’s perfectly straight with the proof and everything. Nowadays you’re looking at more messy hairstyles.

7. Medium Textured Cut

Next on the list men’s hairstyle trends is the medium textured cut like I said texture is in length is in so this is of course one of the most trendy hairstyles of the moment in 2020. A lot of guys let their hair grow me included right so now I feel like those guys with the long hair. A lot of them actually kept some of that length. We don’t really want to go backstreet to a super short haircut. 

          For the medium texture, cut is for those guys who want that fuller look, Who want loads of texture. But you don’t really want to go short right, you want to have that flexibility of playing around with your hair, you want to have a longer hairstyle. you see it all over social media you see it on the movie screens this is a popular hairstyle right now.

8. The Buzzcut

On the other side of the spectrum of course we have the buzzcut. The buzzcut I think is a hairstyle it literally never ever goes out of style it’s just one of those hairstyles, it’s the most masculine hairstyle that you can have it is a great hairstyle. If you have the right face shape for it, if you have a round face shape it’s not going to work out as well. But if you have defined cheekbones or a jawline right like a square oval or triangle face shape it’s definitely going to look good on you. I mean you can’t go wrong with it because it’s the easiest maintenance ever you know you really don’t need to do much and it always looks good. No more bad hair days so it’s a great hairstyle.

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