Best Shampoo for Hair Fall In India

best shampoo for hair fall

If you’re a person to be in the initial stage of hair fall seriously, this shampoo will control your hair efficiently. This will also reduce hair fall, I have all these shampoos under three categories that are low performing, average performing, and high performing. Low performing means it wouldn’t treat your hair fall effectively hair fall would remain the same, that’s why it performs low. Average performing has a little effective and good hair fall shampoos and High performing category control hair fall effectively, Shampoo would is free from harmful chemicals, and it would be the best shampoo.


Please note that I’m not in favor or against any brands this is completely my personal review. When I say it’s not good, I mean it because I’ve used it. Please note that I’m not in favor of any brands.

Low Performing

wow onion & apple Cider vinegar shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

The output of both the shampoos would be the same when applied to the hair, Both of them will dry out your hair because the foam will be excessive. That isn’t a big deal as it satisfies certain people. At the same time both of them dry out your hair, I’ve used both of them. This will definitely not help or be a solution for your hair fall. In fact, it increases my hair fall over the weeks. So, this would the first in the “Low Performing” category. 

Spruce Shave Club

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

The next shampoo in the “Low Performing” category is from the brand spruce shave club. Be it the ‘onion’ or the ‘charcoal’ shampoo both of them perform the same way and smell like orange same fragrance is used. This has onion and this has charcoal and apple cider vinegar which makes it different but performs the same way. Both of these will dry out your hair like anything. It’s highly advised not to use shampoos that dry out your hair.

Pepper Mint And Clove Shampoo (The Man Company)

best shampoo for hair fall

best shampoo for hair fall

The next shampoo in the ‘Low Performing’ category is pepper mint and clove shampoo from ‘The man company’ smells like ‘MENTOS’ how many of you have had mentos? it smells exactly the same. But it says, the peppermint and clove are added, But it smells like Mentos. ‘Wow’ and ‘Spruce’ that we previously saw are unisex but this is exclusively for men. Is this worthy? This doesn’t really contribute to your hair growth and the hair fall issue will remain the same way, It may even increase your hair fall. This doesn’t moisturize your hair at all, This also falls under ‘Low Performing’. I can’t really say that it’s worth the money.

Average Performing

'Ustraa' Anti-hairfall shampoo

Ustraa Anti Hairfall Shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

The first in the ‘Average performing’ category is ‘Ustraa Anti-hair fall shampoo. This is exclusively for men because ‘USTRAA’ is a men’s brand itself. This didn’t dry my hair completely but it does to an extent. If you wash your hair two times at a time it’ll surely dry your hair, Doesn’t dry your hair if used once, performs moderately. The best part about this is controlled dandruff. Hair fall didn’t get controlled, you can use this if you have dandruff that’s also a reason why I list this under ‘Average Performing’.

'Anti-Nyle' Hair Fall Shampoo

Nyle Anti-Hairfall Herbal Shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

The next shampoo in the ‘Average Performing’ category is ‘Anti-Nyle’ Hair Fall Shampoo. This will seriously treat your hair fall good, Doesn’t remove the natural oil on your scalp and dry out your hair, and controls dandruff vastly. But, the only reason for categorizing this under ‘Average performing’ is this has a few harsh chemicals/detergents in it. This has sodium Laureth sulfate for foam production and titanium dioxide. It also has artificial fragrance and colors which are the only reason stopping me from listing this as the best. It’s not safe for long-run usage. 

When compared to other shampoos having the same amount of chemicals, this will be the best. Dove, clinic plus, sun silk some more like this which get advertised on television when compared to shampoos of that sort will definitely be the best option. But let me tell you now this does have a set of harsh chemicals.

Anti-hair fall shampoo from Beardo

Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Men

best shampoo for hair fall

The next shampoo in the ‘Average Performing’ category is Anti-Hair fall shampoo from Beardo. This also is a men’s brand not for women, This doesn’t dry out your hair, the ingredients are also mild, Retain the natural oil on your hair, and Moderately control dandruff. But, not at all effective in controlling hair fall. That’s the only reason why it gets listed under this ‘Average Performing category but still, it performs well. I would suggest the men give it s try but this isn’t the top on my list, better shampoos are yet to come there are shampoos that can perform more effectively.

Mama Earth - Onion Shampoo

Mamaearth Onion Shampoo for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

best shampoo for hair fall

The next shampoo in the ‘Average performing’ category that can also perform well that is ‘Mama Earth – Onion Shampoo’. When compared to the ‘WOW’ onion shampoo this is 100 times, 1000 times better. Because your hair doesn’t dry out at all there’s a limited amount of foam. When it comes to the ingredients it has the mildest and safest ingredients, it also gives you a shiny look. doesn’t dry out your hair as I said, gives you soft and bouncy hair. Yet, it is listed under the ‘Average category’ better when compared to the other average-performing shampoos.

High Performing

'Oregano Gold' Red onion shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

The first in the ‘High performing’ category is ‘Oregano Gold’ Red onion shampoo. This is in the third place in my top performing shampoos, This is can really control your hair fall vastly, Mildest ingredients doesn’t dry out your hair, control dandruff, Has limited foam production, You’ll surely be satisfied on using this, Hair will feel fresh.

Natural shampoo From ARATA

Arata Natural Hydrating Hair Shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

The mildest and safest shampoo in the category ‘High Performing’ is Natural Shampoo from ARATA. This is in second place in the high-performing category, let me tell you the reason, let me tell you about the shampoo first. It has no harmful chemicals, no artificial colors, or fragrances and it gives a very refreshing fragrance and smells like lime. This shampoo moisturizes and keeps your hair hydrated, The name itself is ‘hydrating shampoo’. If you’re really concerned about your hair, If you’d like to maintain your hair properly this kind of product would help vastly, Helps your hair from damage.

Zilch Freedom Tango

Zilch Freedom Tango Natural Vit C & Amla Hair Growth & Hairfall Control Shampoo

best shampoo for hair fall

The Best shampoo of all the shampoo in the first place under the category ‘High performing’ is Zilch Freedom Tango. This is more like an ayurvedic shampoo because it has a lot of ayurvedic ingredients. I’ve witnessed drastic changes on using this shampoo, Dandruff is controlled well, Hair is really shiny and bouncy. All the ingredients are mild and almost natural, cleanser and foaming agents are also natural and this has no artificial fragrances or colors. It’s the purest form of ayurvedic shampoo with best natural ingredients and this has no artificial fragrances or colors. They’ve product the best product, All that your hair needs.

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