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Hello, guys let me start by saying this you clicked on the right blog today because if you decide to rock these teenager hairstyles I’m going to suggest them in this blog. Then trust me you’re going to look amazing get ready for compliments and get ready to lock your eyes with beautiful girls I’m telling you these hairstyles are hot and the best hairstyles for teenage guys.


        The first hairstyles for teenage guys on today’s list is the forward textured wavy hair this is a very young, very cool, modern, and trendy hairstyle. It’s actually pretty easy to style as well and it’s great for guys with thick hair that is curly or wavy. You see this hairstyle pretty much all over social media it is one of tick tock’s favorite hairstyles right.

         It looks fresh but then on the top, it’s kind of messy, it’s kind of careless, it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Which is definitely the trend nowadays. When it comes to hairstyle and fashion and if you guys have a diamond face shape then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

          A lot of the young guy teenagers of course are wearing this hairstyle all over the place. I think the reason why it’s so trendy is that it’s pretty clean on the side.


          The next hairstyles for teenage guys is the quiff. The quiff is just a classic hairstyle I feel like every time and it is basically the most classic hairstyle that you can have there are different ways that you can style the quiff you can style it a classic way right. It a more just kind of like you got the volume.

            It’s pretty straight right it’s not very messy or you can go with a textured messy cliff. Which looks younger it looks messier more careless just like the previous hairstyle that we talked about and what I like the most about the quiff is that it’s one haircut.

           Something like this is sometimes a little shorter on the sides that you can style in many different ways. So if you want versatility I highly recommend you look into getting a quick.


          Now the hairstyle that I rocked the most over the past year was the middle part and of course, there’s a reason for that it is one of the trendiest hairstyles right now. During quarantine guys let their hair grow and you know my hair was obviously the longest it had ever been I was looking for a new hairstyle to try out and the middle part was a no-brainer.

           It’s such an amazing hairstyle that has been trendy pretty much. Since the 90s you’ve seen David Beckham rocket, you’ve seen uh Brad Pitt rock this hairstyle Johnny Depp is an epic hairstyle, and teenagers all over the world decided to also rock that hairstyle. Because of its vintage look and of the 90s trends that keep coming back.

            If you’re a teenager if you have medium-length hair if it’s a little bit longer than mine goes for the middle part it is going to look absolutely amazing. Also one of the coolest things about the middle part is that it doesn’t have to be straight down the middle you can kind of have an asymmetric heart as well. So it’s not technically a middle part but it still curtains it’s still parted somewhere and that also looks pretty cool.


          The next on the list of hairstyles for teenage guys, here is the short afro with a high fade. I’ve been seeing this hairstyle everywhere here in L.a it’s such an amazing hairstyle and the best thing about that. It’s pretty easy to maintain a hairstyle yes you do have to go to the barbershop more often because of the high fade.

          If you want to keep it fresh probably have to go every 10 days every two weeks or so but in terms of maintenance when you’re at home there’s not much that needs to be done. It looks great it’s easy maintenance what else do you need now that I’ve told you this I’m sure you’re gonna start noticing this hairstyle everywhere. It is one of the only hairstyles with a fade that I’ve included. If not the only one on this list actually just because fades kind of had the thing in like 2015 to 2018, 19 and then they faded away you see what I did there right.

          In 2022 it was all about long hair but I do think that these 2022 fates are starting to come back why people are sick of having longer hairstyles. People are tired of maintaining Comey or blow drying and they want something easier now that they can go out again and enjoy the outside world. So fades are coming back.


           The next hairstyles for teenage guys is one more high fade hairstyle here and it’s the textured crew cut with a height. Now, this hairstyle again another easy-to-maintain hairstyle. I said you do have to go to the barbershop more often but I love the texture man of this hairstyle. It is just cool, it just looks different.

            You look it just looks interesting right. Instead of just being one big piece of hair one block of hair. There’s a lot of texture there’s separation right. I try when I do my hair I literally try to separate my hair into different stands. Because otherwise, it looks blocky. So the textured crew cut is very interesting to look at and that makes it an attractive hairstyle.


             The next hairstyles for teenage guys can be very classy but it can also be very boring so the one that I have for you guys here is the side part with high volume. There’s a difference between the normal side part and the side part with a high volume. If you have a normal side part it’s going to look boring. It’s going to look something like this, it’s like every banker every guy that works in an office 95 has this hairstyle. I’m being very stereotypical here when it comes to having a side part it is a very safe hairstyle. So you need to add volume to make it more interesting all right.


          The long wavy hair I don’t miss it, I don’t really miss it. I look at photos and I’m like wow I look so different man. It’s crazy it’s crazy right. I let my hair grow for 15 months I mean I loved it. I had a great time I put it in a man bun. You know first time ever but um I don’t miss it very much I prefer short hair. But I will say it looks really good on guys. 

           I think it looks amazing especially on teenagers because you stand out from the rest a lot of teenagers have a crew cup a lot of teenagers have a side part. Which is okay and just like I said it looks good but the long wavy hair is gonna make you stand out. It’s gonna make you look different from everyone else.

           So try it out let your hair grow why not put a hat on put a beanie on let it grow to go through the awkward phase until it looks amazing and when it does the man you’re gonna get so many compliments I got so many compliments on my hair and when I cut it a lot of you guys are like no don’t cut it. What are you doing you know what I had an amazing time growing it and now I’m just happy to have changed it up I like to change things up like you guys.

8. short curls

             This next hairstyles for teenage guys has been everywhere I’ve been seeing this hairstyle pop up everywhere on tick-tock social media, in general, a lot of celebrities wear this as well it’s short curls. I love this hairstyle I think again because of the texture. Because it looks interesting, it is an attractive hairstyle we do not want boring. We do not want invisible, we want something different, and we want you guys to stand out. So that people can pick you in a crowd of 50 guys that look.

              The same we don’t want that right so short curls are going to be great. You can leave your hair a little bit longer on the sides. If you want but what I would recommend is going at least a low face. The low fade is going to create a really cool contrast between the bottom being super low right and faded to the top being still short but a little bit thicker right with more volume because of the curl.

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