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Hello, Guys welcome to the men’s dream lifestyle. The men’s morning routine is most important for every man because the morning is the start of your day and the morning is correct and suitable for your day are good.

If You’re trying to be more productive if you want to have more energy to get things done during the day then you clicked on the right blog. Here are the truth guys if you’re not a morning person you’re going to have a tough time doing anything in the morning and you’re going to regret it later. So today I have some genius billionaires’ morning routine tricks that you should adopt to help you become a morning person.

1. Move your alarm clock

what time do millionaires wake up

The first billionaires’ morning routine thing that you need to do is actually wake up. And get out of bed, right. Otherwise, you can’t get your day started to help you do that. Place your alarm clock, most likely your phone on the opposite side of the room. Here’s why I used to go to school and I used to have to wake up so early morning every single day. And this hack saved my life. Because if you’re tired you’re just gonna roll over and you’re gonna hit that snooze button right, But if the sound is coming from across the room you have no choice but to get up and go turn it off.

It forces you to get up and out of bed to stop that ringing you know that annoying alarm sound that no one likes. If you’re the type of person who likes to hit the snooze button then this is for you man. There is no more snoozing once you’re up and out of bed it’s simple it’s effective and it will get you out of bed, and ready to start your day. So try it out and let me know if it helped you tomorrow morning.

2. Add lime/lemon to your water

The number two billionaires’ morning routine is to add lime or lemon to your water in the morning as soon. As I wake up I usually drink a full glass of water. I wake up thirsty especially now in the wintertime you know sometimes I sleep with the heater on. So my mouth is dry my whole body is dehydrated. So I highly recommend you drink a glass of water immediately when you wake up.

If you already do that if you drink water in the morning points to you. But if you want extra credit or more points then add a little bit of lime or lemon juice to your water in the morning. Because lemon or lime juice will help you digest fats better boost your digestive system to get your day started, it helps you shed weight, if that’s one of your goals and I know a lot of you guys have that goal. Plus it actually tastes fantastic it’s refreshing. It’s not one of those drinks that you have to plug your nose and then just chug it you know.

You can actually enjoy this daily habit once you develop it. It’s also a great trick for guys. Who wants to give up soda or juice if that’s you. You know if you like to wake up and then you have breakfast and you drink juice which has tons of sugar, try this instead. Because it’s so much healthier and it tastes.

3. Exercise in morning

millionaires morning routine

The great next-up time to get your blood flowing man and exercise in the morning before work instead of after a full day of hard work. when you’re already tired. That way you put your best energy towards working out hard. Early in the morning, there are no distractions, you know you have the energy, that you need you are fully charged from sleeping a full night.

If you’re working out in the evenings make that switch and watch as your performance increases both during the workout and after your workout.

4. Take cold showers in morning

The next on the billionaires’ morning routine list of tricks for you morning here is to take cold showers in the morning. Look I know I know uh cold shower man that does not sound fun. It does not sound relaxing it’s not supposed to be guys. It’s not supposed to be relaxing it’s supposed to jolt you right. So what I like to do is to go hot and cold.

I’ll wake up if I have to take a shower to go do something if or right after I work out, I take a warm shower at first and do what I have to do wash my hair, wash my face, my body, and then I will turn the water to the cold setting for about 15 to 30 seconds. That is it that is all it takes.

I swear you go from being relaxed and calm to like all right. Let’s get this day started and besides jolting you and giving you that energy that you need in the morning to perform to be productive. A cold shower also helps improve your circulation and strengthens your immune system which is very important right now, and it helps recovery from sore muscles and any physical pain that you’re having. So if you’ve been grinding you know long hours at the gym.

If you’ve been really sore then a cold shower might just do the trick and I’m telling you it’s actually not that bad I like hot showers sometimes but try this at least once or twice a week. Just to get used to it and then try it every day with the warm to cold shower trust me man it’s life-changing it just wakes you up right away.

5. Make a playlist on morning

The next on the billionaires’ morning routine list have a set morning playlist. So every morning you’re going to listen to the same songs. But make sure they are bangers make sure they are amazing songs and you want to feel energized. You want to feel passionate about your day and you want to feel like you are ready to be productive.

So pick the songs very carefully, especially the first three songs. They don’t have to be crazy loud super energetic songs. They just have to do the trick for you. You just have to really enjoy these songs they have to motivate you. You know music is something that really moves us right. So for me, I have a morning playlist, I have a gym playlist and I have a sleep playlist.

Which I’ve actually shared with you guys before as well. So those are all songs that you know either hype me up in the morning. To get things done hype me up at the gym to really work out as hard as possible and then slow my brain down slow you know my heart rate down at night. So that I can fall asleep easier so make sure that you have all of these playlists. For me, the first thing that I listen to in the morning is usually Bruno major. So it’s a little bit slower.

If you guys know Bruno’s major. But then after two songs, it speeds up so I don’t go into it and you know just get jolted right away it’s a slow ramp-up like you know five to ten minutes. But then you’re feeling much better. You’re ready to take on your day.

If you’re trying to be a morning person right you’re trying to get things done in the morning. But you wake up and you don’t really know where to start you just know that you have a lot of things to do and you’re like trying to take all of these fires out you don’t really know the order in which you’re gonna do that is wrong you’re gonna mess up and that is gonna lead to failure.

So this is what I recommend it’s not a morning trick it’s more of a nighttime trick that will help you the next morning the night before you have to write a to-do list the next day.

6. make a to-do list the night before

millionaires daily routine

You have to write a to-do list for the next day. You have to wake up the next day already knowing what your day is going to consist of already knowing what your schedule is going to look otherwise, you wake up and don’t know how busy of a day you actually have.

So you don’t know how long you should be in the shower how long you should work out could should you need to cut your workout a little bit shorter today because if you have a very busy day at work or can you put in the extra mile you know the extra effort to workout even harder because you have a slower day at work.

You’re not gonna know that unless you have a to-do list right there so you can visualize it you can schedule your day properly and attack. I always write my to-do list the day before usually the night before I go to bed just because it just helps so much I wake up and I’m like I know exactly what needs to be done I’m not sitting there in the morning trying to think uh where should I start no I’ve already started.

So get in the habit of doing that the night before and your morning is going to be way more productive.

Many billionaires prefer to exercise in the morning can help keep stress levels down throughout the day. Take a Cold Shower: Taking a cold shower can be beneficial because it activates your neurons and promotes good circulation. As we approach the summer months, maybe consider trying a cold shower!

Similar to Winfrey, who meditates and exercises after waking up at seven every morning, The New York Times reported that Microsoft magnate and billionaire Bill Gates starts his day with cardio. A study from 2018 stated that even 10 minutes of a light workout session will improve your memory and enhance productivity.

This is Why All Billionaires Wake Up EXACTLY at 4:00 AM. A short video shows us why it is very important to rise early so you can maximise your output and create a life full of success and a vision for your future.

He’s usually awake around 6:30 am. According to Bezos, “I go to bed early, I get up early”. After rising, he is known to enjoy “putter” around the house in the morning. He’ll brew some coffee, read the newspapers, and generally not start work.

Yes, there may be benefits to being awake at 4 a.m. when everyone you know is sleeping. But there are also big drawbacks, and they aren’t worth it. Instead, figure out how getting up ultra-early might help you. And then find ways to get those benefits into your day while still getting up at a reasonable hour.

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