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Hello guys, Welcome to men’s dream lifestyle and I’ll tell you what? No one knows more about skin care tips to look amazing than Hollywood celebrities. They have the best men’s skin care for model routine. They pretty much depend on their looks or as they call it the money maker their faces are right. So they’ve been perfecting the skincare tricks and hacks to look young for decades and today I want to show you what you need to do to look your best according to the top celebrities in Hollywood.


The first thing best men skin care for the model that celebrities always say from Kim Kardashian to brian Seacrest and John Stamos is to avoid the sun as much as possible and always wear sunscreen. Especially if you plan on being outdoors for a while. Why do they say this you know well. It’s simple as much as we love and need the sun right. It’s very strong and it’s strong enough to cause irreversible damage to your skin cell. 

It will burn your skin creating wrinkles sun damage and permanent brown spots that will stay there forever. If you’re not careful. How crazy is that? Just by going outside, you are damaging your skin. You know Kim Kardashian says that she will never go outside without first applying sunscreen to her face and even then if she’s gonna be out for a while at the beach or whatever you know expensive yacht she’s gonna be in. 

You bet that she’s gonna be wearing a hat to cover her face too. So guys make sure that you’re doing the same. Always protect your skin from those harmful sun rays.


This next hack is the best men skin care for model really cool like literally cool. Actually, it’s applying ice onto your skin now. Why would you do that? That doesn’t sound very appealing right well. Think about it when your body when your skin is cold the veins tighten the pores do the same this is a great budget-friendly way to minimize your pores. 

Just head to your freezer get an ice cube and rub it onto your skin until it melts. It’s like at-home cryotherapy that will help tighten pores immediately. This is actually something that I’ve been trying recently. Because I have big pores around my nose area and it’s been helping so far.


The number three every Hollywood celebrity knows this and you should too. In order for you to have the best skin, you need to understand. What type of skin do you have to begin with. Is it oily is it dry or a combination. What are the trouble areas that you have are you trying to get clear skin from zits and pimples or are you just tired of having large pores me well.


 This next tip for best men skin care for model is something that I definitely follow I try my best to follow. Anyway, don’t touch your face. Touching your face is a terrible habit for your skin. Because you don’t know where your phone has been it’s well actually you do it’s been in your pocket. It’s been on this desk it’s been on you in your car and then you grab it and then you put your hands on your face and then you touch the keyboard and touch your face. It is not good you’re transferring all of that dirt and all of that bacteria back and forth to your face. And whether you like Kendall Jenner or not you gotta admit her skin is flawless right. she did an interview she said that she learned early on never to touch her face. 

You know what she’s a hundred percent right. So many guys don’t even know that this is a thing and you know you’re just sitting there touching your face about 10 20 times a day without even realizing it. Literally, all you guys are doing is transferring dirt and oils from your dirty hands and whatever you’ve been touching to your face it is not good. It’s one of the biggest reasons why guys have acne breakouts? Touching their faces too much. So the next time you’re touching your face too much just remember not to do that and at least keep your hands clean. Especially with everything going on today.


The next one best men skin care for model is celebrities definitely use an eye cream and I struggle with this. Because you know what like sometimes I don’t get enough sleep or I’m tired I have a pretty busy schedule and then I wake up the next day and I have begged under my eyes man. That is not good. Well, that is when this eye cream comes in handy and you guys know that I’m a huge fan of David Beckham. He talks about this all the time. 

Eye cream, eye cream, and eye cream is the best thing that you can do to prevent dark circles to get rid of those baggy puffs under the eyes. You don’t want those bags under there all right. Apply eye cream at least every night. Because those bags under your eyes that puffiness the redness the dark circles. All of that can go away. If you’re applying eye cream once a day that is all you need.


The next tip is less about your face and more about your hands. You have to preserve your hands and Ricky martin says that you have to do it. Just as much as your face you know why? Because your hand ages just as quickly as your face. It’s funny you know I started noticing that more and more in my hands and how they are definitely aging right. Everyone’s eight hands are aging every single day. But I started to notice mine and I’m like I need to take care of this. 

So recently I’ve been moisturizing my hands way more and I think I noticed it. Because I’ve been using so much hand sanitizer and there’s a lot of alcohol content in there. Which is not good for your skin. It causes wrinkles it makes it super dry. So apply a hand moisturizer every single day. That will make a huge difference. You have to preserve your hands right. It’s something that people notice all the time. Because You have them out you can’t see my arms. But you can see my hands. So make sure that you’re applying some type of anti-wrinkle or moisturizer to your hands and preserve them for as long as possible.


Next on the list sleep and water equals a major glow. Who would have thought? A lot of guys overlooked this though by I mean I didn’t really drink an adequate amount of water for the longest time. Really until I started making these blogs and I was like wow. Everywhere I look water is the best thing that you can do for your skin. I need to drink more water, I need to sleep more. Drinking water and getting enough sleep every night they’re both crucial for the skin. It’s the foundation of good skin right. 

If you’re not drinking enough water your skin will be dry. If you’re not getting enough sleep you’re gonna have dark circles under your eyes. It just happens you can plaster all of the product. That you want it’s not gonna work. If you’re not getting enough sleep. If you’re not drinking water. By the way, let’s not forget all of the other amazing incredible benefits. You’re gonna get from sleeping early you know getting plenty of sleep and drinking a lot of water. It’s literally life-changing for your skin, for your hair, for your energy levels, for your productivity levels for everything. Guys make sure to follow these tips and share your friends thank you and see your next good topic.

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