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Home Doctor Reviews - Is Home Doctor Practical Medicine For Every Household Legitimate?

Today I am talking about the home doctor with you to find out if this book is worth owning. So I can share with folks just like you whether you should pick up the home doctor or not is it worth an investment.

I said we’re going to be through this book in detail, so I can give you a really great independent perspective on whether you should buy the home doctor.

Specifically we’re going to cover who wrote the home doctor, who this book is for, What’s missing, what’s in it and thoughts and recommendations and pros and cons of it.

First, we need to figure out who wrote this book, Because any time you discuss medical information and medical knowledge it’s important to listen to qualified professional only.

Why? Because no one should take medical advice from their barber or hair stylist right. So if we’re going to trust what’s in the home doctor, Then we must investigate those who wrote it.

The home doctor was written in collaboration between three authors Dr. Mabel Knives, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis.

Dr. Mabel naiz

So let’s go over the credentials of each of these folks. Dr. Mabel naiz is the head surgeon of a unit of breast pathology and general surgeon at Caracas university hospital in Venezuela. She studied at the prestigious European institute of oncology in Milan Italy under professor amberto veronesi. 

The European institute of oncology was inaugurated in may of 1994. It’s a non-profit comprehensive cancer center. The institute focuses on prevention and diagnosis education and training, research and treatment of cancer. Based on my extensive online research these are all legitimate institutes and they’re still working on new medical advancements even today. So it seems to me that Dr. Naives has the proper medical credentials to write a book such as the home doctor.

the home doctor book

Dr. Rodrigo Alterio

Next Dr. Rodrigo Alterio is currently working inn the surgery department at UT southwestern medical center in Dallas Texas. Most of his ongoing research is based on surgical oncology.

UT southwestern medical center was established in 1939 and has many notable laureates who went on to win Nobel Prizes in their medical fields. In 2017 Dr. Alterio lived and was the primary care physician of an indigenous community called Camarata. Dr. Altirio served this primitive community located deep in the amazon jungle which was many hundreds of miles from our typical everyday modern civilization.

During my research i found the Karamata community is very remote indeed. I can only imagine the immense challenges Dr. Rodrigo Attilio had to face serving this community.

This type of medical experience and expertise are exactly what you want for a book like this. Dr. attirio has first hand experience performing medical treatments with limited resources. I believe Dr. Ettario has all the credentials necessary to help write an at-home medical book like the home doctor.

Claude Davis

Finally, we have Claude Davis who is an author of several popular preparedness and survival books such as the lost ways, the lost book of remedies and the forger’s guide to wild foods. But he’s not a doomsday prepper okay. He said instead like me he wants to teach people how to live a more resilient life. His goal is to avoid placing his hands or that of his family into the hands of others during a widespread emergency. That’s why he spent his life honing his knowledge and experience for wise preparedness strategies, and he continues that mission by sharing his expertise in the home doctor.

I believe claude was paramount in translating some of the difficult to understand medical jargon into a handbook regular folk like you and me can understand.

So who's this book written for now?

Officially you can see that this book is for every household right. It says they’re right on the front cover it says exactly what’s for pretty much everyone. But that’s a bit marketing than helpful right. For example if you’re already a medical professional or certified EMT well this handbook may be too simple for you. On the other hand if you feign at the sight of blood or think the human body is disgusting or you’re content to remain part of what i call the fragile masses well then then book is not for you either.

It’s for those of us who crave to live a more resilient life. Folks who want a physical book on hand full of medical know-how in case the world goes dark, and that’s why this book is a must own for anyone who worries the future and takes living a resilient life seriously. But hold on why live a resilient life well because humans were terrible at predicting what’s coming next for. For example we don’t know when the next disaster will wipe out an entire community. It could be a natural disaster such as a wildfire a wind storm blizzards and tornadoes or perhaps the future will bring about another world war or a nuclear holocaust or failing nation states. 

Nobody knows these things and if they claims they do they’re lying. But with that said we do know for a face the future will not be smooth sailing, want proof just look at history it’s full of one atrocity after the next. So instead of being fearful you and i we should focus on what we can control and that means living a more resilient life. One small step towards resiliency is investing in physical books especially ones chocked full of wise medical knowledge. if you’re not in your head right now you agree with me and that makes you an ideal candidate for investing in something like the home doctor. You are who the home doctor was written for.

Let's Take a look Inside this Thing

Let’s take a sneak peek inside the content.

Now before i crack it open a little bit let’s talk about it’s overall it’s overall length, It’s shape, Its dimensions this medical handbook comes in at 304 pages long. Now that might not seem like a lot for medical knowledge handbook, I mean i’ve seen some massive medical books before. But it’s quite long considering that it has a rather large footprint, It comes in over 8 inches wide nearly 11 inches long and over a half inch thick and this extra long extra wide book is a distinguishing feature why?

Because this allows you to clearly see all the colored images throughout clearly without having squint, without having to have a magnifying glass. Just to think how important that would be mid surgery. 

Now following any medical procedure at home will never be ideal. But at least with the home doctor you’ll be able to see what you should be doing. Let’s imagine a book that was half its size right, In this case sure it’d have double the pages it’d be thicker it’d be 608 pages or so but good luck squinting at those pictures and seeing what you need to do.

the home doctor book

Right out of the gate one of the first things the home doctor does is it has this disclaimer page are there. It wants to make sure you understand that it claims to be an at-home worst case medical handbook.

So it’s designed for an apocalypse, It’s for a disaster so horrible professional medical advice and help are not an option. It’s not for avoiding the doctor during normal time right. This fact is essential to understand and the home doctor again makes that very clear in its disclaimer. Let me give you a quote from the disclaimer.

This book was created so that people can read it and learn from it in case of an extraordinary event like an apocalypse, That change the world as we know it. Learning to collapse of the state society medical system law and order and the dissolution of social fabric. In this regard this book’s purpose is to save some of that knowledge that will be lost in this widespread collapse.

It is not meant to treat or cure anyone, do not use this book for that purpose now that’s clear. 

What Are The Topics Within The Home Doctor Book

There are many medical topics and sub-topics throughout this book. So instead of boring you by going thorough every single one, I’ll just share a few that i found interesting.

First off there’s some of these topics such as 10 medical supplies that you need to have in your house. An ingenious way to stockpile prescription medications. Medicines that are safe to take after their expiration date. The only four antibiotics people should stockpile and how to preserve your mental health in spite of a rough situation. 

So those are obviously topics that were probably written by Clause Davis i would guess. They’re more in the realm of how to prepare, with you supplies, How to mentally prepare for medical emergency right. That’s probably Claude Davis specialty right there is my guess.

Let’s talk about some of the topics that are covered by the doctors, That we talked about before. That are related to the human body diagnosing and maybe even fixing some issues depending on the situation.

the home doctor book

What are cover in The Home Doctor Book

  • So it covers skin and skin appendages
  • It covers burns and scolds
  • It covers fungal infections, insect bites
  • Nail trauma, head and neck issues
  • It covers gastrointestinal systems 
  • It covers urogenital systems
  • It covers muscular skeletal systems, cardiovascular systems, endocrine systems, nervous systems, immune systems

So it covers the entire body in all our systems and all the things we need to do to diagnose maybe prevent and maybe cure possible some of those things. How to treat them properly at home with the type of medical knowledge and medical systems that we have in a worst-case scenario.

So as you can see it covers the gamut of medical topics.

What's Missing From The Home Doctor Book

Well of course no 300 page or even 600 page medical book can cover everything. Even after years of medical school and lifelong learning, You still wouldn’t know everything that you needed to know for every medical scenario. Nor would you want that, That level of detail is confusing and that terminology in such a book render it meaningless for folks like you and me. That’s where i think the home doctor actually gets it right. provides enough information to help with basic medical care, If professional help is not available. But not so much information to overwhelm or confuse. 

The Home Doctor Books

the home doctor book