How should a beginner start working out

workouts for beginners

Hello guys, Welcome back to Men’s Dream lifestyle. Today I am talking about How should a beginner start working out. Oh man, I really don’t want to work out today. Ah, I’m sore I got a headache, I got work to do it’s not gonna you know what I’m gonna go back to bed. How many times have we all done that? A bunch of times. Right I know I’ve done I’m a guilty man. I wake up sometimes and I’m like. That’s not gonna happen it’s just not gonna today man I’m it’s no. There’s no amount of pre-workout it’s gonna get me to work out today I worked out yesterday I’ll work out tomorrow.

You know it’s very normal o feel like giving up after a few weeks of working out. But today I want to show you some ways that will make you enjoy working out more. Because once you start enjoying it everything changes. Once you enjoy working out it’s almost addicting to you. You don’t feel good. When you don’t work out and that’s where I’m at currently I feel so good after I work out. If for some reason I feel like I’m going to miss my workout that day, I will do everything, I can everything in my power. To move things around in my schedule so that I can get my workout in.

How should a beginner start working out


The first tip for Gym Motivation – How To Enjoy And Be Interested In Working Out is working out with friends. Having a gym buddy has someone who’s going to hold you accountable. Ideally a really good friend right. Because friends motivate us to do pretty much everything. Right they would always look out for you and cheer you on even like keep going man one more two more right they will hype you up. Most importantly your buddies are gonna drag you to the gym on those days. That you don’t feel like going and then you kind of do the same to them.

Right, when they don’t feel like going you’re like dude I’m ready, I already took my pre-workout, I’m a pick you up we’re gonna go to the gym. Working out with friends can also make it more adventurous, more fun, and more gym motivation and you can do heavier weights. You know you can do more reps and longer workouts without being boring. Because you can talk to them it’s also a little friendly competition to keep the heat up. When you’re picking your workout buddy try to find somebody who has a similar workout routine right. Who has similar goals? Otherwise, they’re going to be doing cardio you’re going to be lifting heavy it’s not the same.


Next tips How should a beginner start working out is make sure that your schedules match otherwise you’re never going to be working out together. The second effective way to enjoy working out is by focusing on the results of your workout. The act of working out is fun I enjoy it I like it it’s very cl it clears my mind I really enjoy that. But the results that’s where it’s really at. You know it’s one of the most satisfying things about working out when you start to see those results a few weeks, a few months. You start getting bigger muscles and you will get gym motivation right.

Your clothes fit a little better or you’re losing a little bit of weight. Whatever your goals are once you start to achieve them. Then you’re like a man. I gotta keep going because if I look this good now imagine three-six months, nine months from now. So look at the results that you’ve gotten from working out and let that motivate keep going harder stronger and longer. Now besides having workout buddies like physical workout buddies there with you.

Joining a workout community is also a really good way to enjoy working out. Because at the end of the day when you have one friend it’s if he can’t make it for whatever reason and you can’t drag him then. It’s back to just you right. Ideally, you have a large community so you understand where you fit into that community where you are and then that’s going to motivate you. That is going to hold you accountable even on the days that your friend doesn’t want to go to the gym.


Now next tips How should a beginner start working out list is quite possibly one of the most motivating things during a workout is music. Music can completely change your workout right. If you’re at the gym and you forgot your headphones like one of the worst nightmares ever right. You go to the gym you’re like oh my god. My headphones are at home I’m like should I go back home do I drive this. Now I’m at the mercy of the gym music. So you get there and you’re like what are they playing is it something I like. Because if it’s not your workout is not going to be the same.

Now, of course, everyone has their own preferences but in my opinion, the best kind of workout music is high-tempo music right. It’s music that pumps you up hypes you that give you that drive to just keep going one more rep. Then you listen to your favorite chorus of your favorite song you’re like. You know what I got one more rep in me.

Music is going to help you disconnect from everything else that’s happening around you no matter how hot the girls are at the gym no matter. How big that dude is and you’re like that’s a big dude doesn’t matter. I got my music and I’m gonna focus on my music and my reps. I would actually love to know what your favorite workout music is specifically a song that you work out to harder than ever.


Now next tip How should a beginner start working out is working out can also be a little bit stressful right. You get out of the gym sometimes and you’re like a man that was woooo back I’ve tied my legs I’m going down the stairs and you’re like shaking right. Because your legs hurt you did it crazy leg day. So what I love to do is reward myself after a workout.

Now you can do that in many different ways for me. It’s always going to be a nice cold protein shake. Man, I literally get just thinking I got goosebumps just thinking boost gums well. Goosebumps just thinking about it. Because I’m going to have to have one after this I absolutely love to have a protein shake after my workout. It’s just ingrained into my brain that is my reward. I deserve that protein shake.

Some people prefer to reward themselves with some type of food. Some people prefer to maybe watch TV or watch a movie. Whatever it is just kind of train your brain to understand that. Hey, I did the work now I can chill a little bit. Because I deserve it I went hard. Honestly sometimes while I’m working out. I’m already thinking about that protein shake, I’m like you know what? I’m gonna work out extra hard and then I’m gonna go get that protein shake that I love from that place it’s like 10 bucks. It was expensive but you know what I deserve. But of course needless to say please don’t reward yourself with fries and a chicken like it’s just not don’t do that. No fast food reward yourself with something healthy.


Now this next tip How should a beginner start working out is something that you guys really have to understand do not compare yourself to others right. Because what that’s going to do is completely change the way that you see yourself. You know sometimes you’re looking at this guy like man this guy is massive like he’s lifting so much more than me and he’s shredded and then you feel bad about yourself. Don’t do that. You don’t know what this person has been through you don’t know how long he’s been working out for you don’t know if he’s juicing you have no idea.

There’s a saying that goes comparison is the thief of joy and that applies to working out as well as comparing your body to others. You know some goys have longer legs and they’re taller and some guys have a smaller leaner torso and waist. It’s a lot of it is genetics and when you start to compare yourself to other people.

Then you start to appreciate your own progress a little less possibly so you don’t want to do that. You want to focus on yourself. Focus on your body focus on your workout and what you can do to get better every single day. Just slight improvements overtime every single day and you get there. Instead of comparing yourself to others try to appreciate yourself a lot more. Don’t be intimidated by these other guys at the gym remember body types are different so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not there yet. Because what I can guarantee is if you have a good diet right. If you’re eating healthy if you’re hitting the gym and staying active the results will come. Guys follow these tips and share your friends thank you.

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