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Hello guys, Welcome back to the men’s Dream lifestyle we’d like to talk about fashion here and how to use style to show your personality to look good. So that you can feel your best but the thing is what about when that awesome outfit. That you put together for your hot date comes off. You know what I mean right things go well. You take your date home and how you want to make sure you look and feel good. I want you to be a hundred percent confident when that time comes. So today we are going on how to be better looking in Naked.


Let’s get this first one is how to be better looking in Naked out of the way being fit-looking and healthy that will obviously play a huge role in your confidence levels. When you take your clothes off this is what will make the biggest visual different right. So if you’re really serious about looking your best and I’m assuming that you are then start exercising. 

You don’t have to hit the gym hard every single day to look fit. You can go for jogs every day or every other day. You can ride a bicycle or even just do push-ups and sit-ups every day at home and that will help you look your best.         

As long as you’re eating a healthy diet of course that’s not filled with. You know fast food which is horrible for you a soda, ice cream, candy, chocolate you know all the bad stuff that for some reason just tastes so damn good. Why is that by the way the unhealthy stuff that’s bad for you tastes amazing? 

Anyway, as long as you don’t eat that really tasty but really bad stuff and eat healthy foods instead you will look great. But the thing is if all your muscles are right. All your gains your abs if they’re all hidden behind a forest of wild hair. Then it will all be for nothing no one will be able to see those gains. So for that reason as well as many others.


If you want to look good naked you have to manscape. If you’re a hairy guy you should definitely trim down your body hair. I’m talking about the chest, abs, arms, legs, and yes the private areas. As well you know because if it just looks unkept if it’s nit tidy. It’s gonna make you look like you don’t take good care of yourself and we don’t want that. If you want the best-manscaped kit have the down make sure to check it down.

So the question is now that you have all the right tools. What do you actually do it well? I’m hairier than the average guy thanks dad for the hairy jeans. By the way, so I trim my arms to about three millimeters. I do the same with my legs for my ankles all the way up. I trim my armpits so they’re not growing wild and the same with my abs. 

You know and I also shave my chest that’s just a personal preference I like the look. But you can do whatever you feel comfortable with. When it comes to your private areas you can trim or shave I will say shaving might. Make it itchy and uncomfortable once it starts growing again. Some people don’t care it doesn’t bother them some people you know might not be okay with that. But I would say test both to see what works for you.


Now guys one of the biggest missed opportunities by men all over the world right. But especially in colder regions is being too pale and forgetting to get a tan once in a while. Guys why do you think every bodybuilder I mean every single bodybuilder. They all get a tan before a competition. Because it makes them look ripped it gives them that extra definition. That you’re not going to be able to get without the tan. So yeah if you know you have a hot date coming up maybe get some sun. 

You know get some color on your skin or if you don’t want to do that. Because of the harmful rays which I completely understand by the way can be very unhealthy. Then it’s totally okay for a guy to get a spray tan or just a self-tanner at home. Honestly, I am a true believer that a guy can definitely do that I know there’s a stigma against it. I don’t agree with it. Because I definitely think that by you using self-tanner getting a spray tan. You’re gonna look awesome dude you’re gonna look amazing. 

Your abs are gonna pop the chest definition is going to come out. I mean everything the definition of your muscles will go to the next level that is why bodybuilders do it.


Make sure that you’re not eating foods that are gonna get you bloated before your date. You know there are a lot of foods that will actually make you bloated and then all your hard work. Your abs are gonna be just not there and let men give you some of those foods. So that you know what to avoid definitely stay away from beans and lentils from carbonated drinks. 

Definitely a big bloater their wheat dairy beers will all make you bloat. For me, if I have dairy or beers man my abs they’re gone it’s just one big ab and that is it. So I try my best to stay away from those if I’m going to the beach. If I’m going to do like a photo shoot or anything like that definitely none of that crap is going into my system.


The next one is how to be better looking Naked When you take your clothes off right what are people gonna see well your skin definitely first of all. So make sure that you’re hydrating your skin. How are you gonna do that two ways first you have to drink water? For a thousand reasons but for today’s topic, the reason is to hydrate your skin. To make sure that it has its elasticity to make sure that it looks good smooth shiny right. You need that so drink a lot of water. 

Guys drinking water is it’s life-changing it’s going to do it to give you so many benefits trust me. But like I said for today’s topic your skin it’s going to make your skin look great not your skin on your face but also all over your body. So start drinking more water. If you’re failing to do that make sure that you set a reminder to drink more water.


The next one on the list of how to be better looking in Naked is to Moisturize your body right you should definitely use some body lotion whenever you can because this stuff, first of all, feels amazing. It feels really good. But also it’s going to hydrate and moisturize your skin it’s going to make you look so much better. There’s nothing worse than taking your clothes off and then your elbows. Especially your knees they look really dry they look rough it’s just not a good look and this is so easy. 

It looks good it probably smells good I know this one that I just used smells really good and you know your partner is definitely gonna appreciate it. I would recommend using body lotion once a day it can be after you shower or it can be at night before you go to bed. Which by the way feels really good as well.

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