how to gain muscle fast

Hello guys, Welcome back I guess I get this message so many times. how to build muscle for skinny guys? I am going to the gym every single day but I’m not seeing any results. I’m still skinny what is going on, and trust me guys I know this can be really frustrating right. If you’re putting in the work and you’re not seeing the results why would you keep going right? If you want to quit don’t worry because in this blog we’re going to be looking at how to make sure that you are gaining muscle faster. 

So that you don’t waste all your time and money and energy at the gym and not see any results trust me. If you follow these tips you’re definitely going to be seeing the results come in no time. So today I am going to tell you how to gain muscle men.


My first tip for how to build muscle for skinny guys, you today is to make sure that you’re eating breakfast. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day in my opinion. If I like, if I don’t have breakfast man, I’m just a different man in that morning like I cannot do it and if you want to gain muscle faster. You have to start eating breakfast and eating a healthy amount as well you know, you can’t be too busy for breakfast. 

        I know you wake up you got emails you got whatever it is that you have to do. I know it’s a busy part of your morning but make sure that you’re waking up a little bit earlier and eating well. When you think about it. It’s the first meal of the day you haven’t eaten anything for about at least eight hours when you’re sleeping right. 

       So it’s time to wake up and replenish your nutrients to make sure that your body is getting everything it needs. So that he can start it’s a machine so that it can start running again and running well during the day.

Guys when it comes to building muscle or even losing weight your diet is going to be extremely important. Don’t be one of those guys that’s in the gym for two hours every single day. But that does not eat healthily. You need to make sure that you’re looking at your diet before you complain. Because you have to have an amazing diet in order to have an amazing body and that’s just fats.


The second tip for how to build muscle for skinny guys of the day of the course is eating a lot of protein. So the main component of your muscle is actually a protein. That’s why you see so many bodybuilders taking protein. Talking about protein shakes, protein powder, protein bars right. Because they’re supplementing their diet which by the way is probably already very high in protein with even more protein. 

        The thing is if you’re trying to grow muscle you can’t do it without protein there’s it’s just impossible. So start including protein in your diet and you can find protein in so many different types of foods, whatever you’re into if you’re vegan you can still find protein. 

        If you’re not of course meat is gonna have so much protein and chicken and then you take it up a notch. you know you drink a protein shake after your workout you drink a protein shake before you go to sleep. Trust me you’re gonna bulk up so much quicker. If you’re adding protein to your diet.


The next tip for how to build muscle for skinny guys for now something that so many people overlook and are extremely important is your sleep. You need to sleep well in order to grow man. I’m telling you if you sleep you ask any bodybuilder they’ll tell you that they need their sleep. 

        You know how models need their beauty sleep bodybuilders to need their muscle-building sleep right. It’s going to restore your body and rebuild your muscles from the tears that you had during the day during your workout. That’s why I’m telling you every night you need to sleep well to build your body mass.


Something that a lot of beginners do wrong at the gym. Especially if they’re trying to gain muscle right. You walk in and then just do a bunch of reps right. They keep going you should actually do fewer reps with heavier weights and I know you guys that already work out. You’re like yeah. I know, I know but trust me guys there are so many beginners. 

        Who doesn’t know this stuff? So you have to make sure that we’re helping them out. So if they have any questions. If you beginners have any questions throw them in the comments section. let’s be a good community here let’s help each other out instead of repping you know 30 20 bring it down to 10 bring it down to eight and increase the weight. So that you’re really putting that strain on your muscles. So they’re really just tearing those muscle fibers. So that it can then grow it’s going to restore itself at night and then you’re going to have bigger muscles trust me.

The next time you go to the gym don’t try to do a bunch of reps hit the heavier weights lower reps and watch your muscles grow faster. But remember guys don’t overdo it remember to stay within your limits and have somebody around. You especially you know bench pressing really heavy weights. If you’re going up like really going up to your limit make sure that you have somebody helping you out. Otherwise, you might injure yourself and that’s not what we want. Because if you injure yourself you’re gone from the gym for two-three weeks who knows make sure that you’re not doing that.


Let me ask you this what if I said that the next tip to gain muscle men here is that in fact, you need fat to build muscle. That sounds crazy right that sounds insane I mean you’re trying to burn fat and build muscle. You can actually use fat to build muscle well here’s what i’ going to say this is what you can actually do. 

        Dietary fats will play an essential role in hormone production which in turn is responsible for muscle growth and strength increase and healthy fats will also provide energy for your body. So definitely make sure that you’re adding those to your diet. Just because it’s fat doesn’t mean that it’s not healthy fat. So make sure that you understand the difference. You can get healthy fats from eating seeds, nuts, and oils make sure that you’re doing your research and understand the difference between bad fats and healthy fats.


Let’s talk about carbs the best time to have carbs is right after working out. Your body needs to replace the energy right. That’s why you need a ton of carbs immediately after working out. If you’re trying to really gain mass. If you don’t take your carbs after working out your body will feel weak. So you need to make sure that.

You know how people have their protein shakes right. It’s a post-workout shake right, having carbs right after will definitely feed your body, feed your muscles and provide it with the energy that it needs. The energy that it needs to repair the muscles. That you’ve torn having that amazing workout that you did. So stock up on bananas, quinoa, and oats those are all going to really help you out I love sweet potatoes for example and it has a ton of healthy carbs.


The last tips for how to build muscle for skinny guys, now you’re probably asking how about supplements man you haven’t talked about that is that going to help me build muscle and my answer to that is yes. But so you need supplements to build muscle no you don’t so you want it to grow faster. Then yes make sure that you’re adding supplements to your diet. Here’s the thing you should be getting most of the nutrients that your body needs from your actual diet from the things. 

        That you’re eating every day now your body needs a whole lot of nutrients to grow and most of the time you’re not going to get everything the from your diet from the food that you eat and that’s where supplements come in that’s why they’re calling supplements. You’re supplementing your diet you’re not replacing. If you can’t just have protein shakes or protein bars all day and expect to get massive that’s not how it works it is a supplement. Now when you combine the supplements with the diet with the workouts my man you are going to be looking, good man. You’re going to be looking fire. These are the gain muscle men so guys make sure to follow these.

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