mens winter style tips

It’s getting cold, we’re moving into the winter season and the struggle to stay warm and stylish at the same time is very real. You don’t want to end up looking like a big ball of clothing. Like, I said you want to stay warm but, you also want to stay stylish, So how do we do that? By adding visible layers in a way that will still give you that warmth that you need while staying super stylish


The first mens winter style tips essential to achieve that turtleneck, when you wear a turtleneck underneath something, it immediately adds an element of class. Turtlenecks are known to be elevated to be upscale but they also have that element of warmth. It’s going to protect your neck from the cold wind and the fall and winter seasons.

If you want to look amazing, I highly recommend you do the same. You can go for wool material If you really want to stay warm or you can go for cotton. Because, It’s a little bit thinner and you can actually wear it under a leather jacket, under other items, and layer everything together.

Now, in terms of, if colorways I would suggest a black and a tan to get started. Those are going to go well with everything in your closet.

Oversized Hoodies

Next from a classy and elevated turtleneck to the trendy and comfortable oversized hoodie. The thing is oversized hoodies have now been a trend for over two years. So, you’ve had plenty of time to adjust, you probably see it all the time. Whether it’s walking around where you live or browsing social media on Instagram or tick tock it’s everywhere. It’s a normal fashion element by now, and the best thing about oversized hoodies is they are so comfortable man, It’s like wearing you know a blanket, It’s like walking around with a warm blanket around you, Just feels so cozy, It’s the perfect blend between cozy, fashionable and warm and it’s hard to get those three benefits from one item. But, the oversized hoodie is able to achieve that.

Leather Jackets

men Leather Jackets

The next one mens winter style tips is a great leather jacket, You guys know I love leather jackets, you know the best part about the jackets is that they’re great year-round. It’s stylish, it gives this edgy badass vibe.

Rugged Boots

men's Rugged Boots

The next item on today’s list is rigged boots, you guys know I love wearing them. Boots just change everything for me, I love the fact that I can wear boots. Everyone else is wearing them too it looks cool, it’s rugged, it’s raining, If it’s snowing it doesn’t matter, It doesn’t affect me. I’m wearing boots, I’m not wearing white sneakers. 

I love rugged boots for other reasons, Too besides being able to walk in bad weather, It gives you a couple of inches in height. But, also I’m assuming a lot of your friends are wearing sneakers, There the sneaker culture runs pretty deep. But, if you’re wearing boots you stand out, you look a little bit different, you look edgier. So, I highly recommend you try it and get a pair of rugged boots for this winter season, and trust me you’re gonna wear that a lot. 


men Beanies

I have been wearing beanies all the time, Anytime it gets cold here I’m like gonna wear beanies. I just love it, specifically fisherman beanies they don’t really cover your ears so, they’re not really the warmest of beanies let’s say but, for the fall season, it’s perfect. For the winter season, I definitely recommend you get something that’s a little bit thicker, maybe cashmere if you’re trying to go up to that level but, you want to cover your ears. You want to make sure that you cover as much of your head as possible to be and the fisherman beanie although it looks very stylish, it just doesn’t keep you as warm. But, it does look really cool and they’re very affordable as well you can find them on Amazon super cheap.

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