how to look younger

Hello guys, Welcome back, I was a little bit younger I looked like I was older right and I loved looking like that. I was a little bit older more mature, and then when I got older people started thinking that I was younger. How did that happen, how was I able to maintain my looks. When I was getting older and older well. I’m going to tell you today with this blog. Because trust me, When you’re younger it’s okay to look older. But when you’re older you’re always going to want to try to look a little bit younger. Guys this is the type of content that I loved to post here.


       Let’s talk about the first thing you need to start doing right now. If you want to look younger for a long time come moisturizing your neck. So many guys remember to moisturize their face which is great but then they forget their neck. When you get older your neck starts to get older as well the skin especially right around here changes and you can see that with older people it’s very clear. 

       So when you’re washing your face and moisturizing your face do not forget to do the same with your neck and when you moisturize your neck. Make sure that you’re going from the bottom up always pulling up. Because if you’re pulling it down, it’s going to cause wrinkles, it’s not going to look as good, it’s going to make your skin sag that’s not what we’re looking for.


       The next tip that I have for you guys most men don’t even know. But if you wear sunglasses you’re going to look younger for a longer time. Because when you have sunglasses on you’re not squinting like this. Squinting in the sun is very normal right. But what you don’t know is that the more you squint the more wrinkles you’re going to get because you’re actually making these marks here with your face. So squinting equals bad squinting equals wrinkles. 

         When you have sunglasses on you squint way less because you have that protection from the UV rays of the sun. So not only do you look cooler with sunglasses on it actually keeps you younger for longer.


        Next of course you need an amazing skincare routine. Ideally with loads of sunscreen. If you’re going outside. We always talk about the importance of sunscreen here and if you’re trying to look good and keep those wrinkles away from your handsome face. You need to step your game up.


        The next tip goes hand in hand with wearing sunglasses and squinting you have to stop over frowning. What that means is to avoid repetitive facial expressions for example; when you’re on your computer and you’re squinting like this right. You have this thing right here moving and it doesn’t look very good. 

         When you make a facial expression like this the whole time you contract the underlying muscles and if you repeatedly do that for many years or many hours. A day those lines they’re going to be actually permanent. So wearing sunglasses is going to help in making sure that you’re just you know massaging your face once in a while relaxing those muscles. 

         So that you don’t get those permanent lines on your face. I definitely have pretty deep lines here and that. Because when I’m on the computer for whatever reason I used to just do it like this and now that I know about it I’m constantly just literally going like this to my eyebrows to make sure that I’m not doing that and it it’s super helpful.


        The next up stop smoking. Smoking is going to speed up how quickly your skin ages and if you guys are smoking you shouldn’t be doing that anyway it’s so bad for your health causes. Wrinkles cause really dull shallow complexion it is not good for your skin, it’s not good for your lungs, it’s not good for your body, and your hair honestly, smoking is just not good overall. 

        I will say if you smoke a cigar here and there when you’re playing poker with the boys. You know something like that’s okay. I think it’s not great but it’s okay. What I’m saying here is that if you smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. Come on man your skin is not going to look good your hair is going to be dry it is not good for your body. So drop it and no you shouldn’t be vaping either. We don’t even have enough studies to know what damage that’s doing to your body.


       This next tip is for you who lays into those tanning beds to get you to know a nice color for the summer my gym back in the day used to do they offer. That is for free. So I used to do it and guys my skin suffered so much from that I really wish that I could go back and stop doing it then but I didn’t know I had no idea. That I was damaging my skin. 

         So if you’re using tanning beds do not do that anymore apply a self-tanner instead. Every time you lay into those UV beds like you’re literally prematurely aging your skin right. It’s not good a tanning bed or b even be in the sun for too long. You know using other indoor tanning equipment. 

         I don’t even know what but they all emit those harmful UV rays they’re going to accelerate how quickly your skin ages and if you’re trying to stay young that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. But if you still want to look good if you still want to get a nice tan for the summer then you can spray tan or just use the foam and you can do it yourself. 

        I have used those before my girlfriend uses them literally every single week. So sometimes I’ve tried it and it turns out awesome. It’s actually really really good and super easy to use and most importantly it’s safe.


        The next on the list is the magic elixir that keeps us alive and looking good drink tons of water right. There are so many people me included that we just don’t drink enough water. I should be drinking way more water than I do and I try my best but sometimes I’m busy with work and I completely forget to drink water and that is not good. 

       Your skin needs that hydration, your hair needs that hydration, and when I say skin. I’m not just saying your face I mean your hands are gonna get wrinkly your face is going to get wrinkly your neck. Everything else so makes sure that you’re drinking an adequate amount of water every single day to look and feel your best. Guys make sure to check the skin care kit it is amazing and the best result for your best look.

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