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Hello guys, Welcome back to Men’s dram lifestyle. Grown-out a beard is something that guys couldn’t wait for when we were younger. I remember in high school that if you could grow a beard you were the man and that’s. Because growing a beard isn’t as easy as it seems right it can be patchy it can take a really long time and sometimes it could not even grow at all. I know how irritating that could be trust me I’ve been there and that’s why I’m making today’s blog to help you guys.


Plus no-shave November is almost here which means it’s time to let your beard grow. Nobody’s going to care if you have a nice full long beard in November. Because that’s just what guys do? You know them before anything else what you have to do right now is let them grow for about three weeks all right something over three weeks. Maybe three-four weeks to see what your beard actually looks.

Lowing it out for that long is going to allow you to learn so much about your beard is it full is it patchy is it growing at all does it grow more on this side or faster on that side. Don’t trim it don’t shave it just let it grow wild for a little bit all right. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re learning more about your beard. What do you like about it what isn’t so strong and how can your workaround.


healthy diet

Make sure that you have a good diet Specifically you want to look into biotin and multivitamins. Biotin is found in everyday foods and it helps promote the growth of your hair. You definitely want to eat loads of sweet potatoes nuts eggs spinach cinnamon and even oysters. Because when your body’s efficient in biotin it actually has a hard time stimulating you growth of hair on your beard and even on your head.

That’s why I highly recommend you guys add those things to your diet or you can just take some pills. You can take biotin pills multivitamins vitamin B just add that to your everyday routine. Not only is that gonna help your beard look full and amazing but also having a healthy diet is a good thing right.


Every time you rinse your beard with this wash, you clean each hair from the root up without stealing moisture from the beard or your skin. The calming earthy scents of almond oil and thyme have a relaxing effect on your body and promote thick, strong, and shiny beard growth. Almond and thyme beard wax – give your beard the nutrients it deserves.

Pamper it with the natural moisturizing benefits of almond that is rich in vitamin e and other beard-friendly nutrients that penetrate the hair to soften, strengthen and nourish it. Thyme lends a woody scent as well as phytonutrients vital for beard growth. The almond & thyme beard wax works double duty to condition your mane while styling it at the same time.


Guys one of the things that I always talk about on this website and I think it’s more of a life lesson that anything is exercised. Before this blog specifically, there are scientific reasons why? you want to be exercising right. It has so many benefits growing a beard is one of the exercises that increase testosterone which is one of the key components and growing out of a beard.

Have you ever noticed that most huge bodybuilders have a huge amazing beard that makes it seem like they belong in game of thrones? Along with building lean muscle losing fat and keeping you shredded. Exercising increases blood flow all around your body. Guess what this increased blood flow is actually going to give you more energy and it’s going to help you grow your beard faster.


men beard care

Do you know what else stimulates beard growth rushing it Yeah just brushing your beard? It’s just one of those secrets that most guys don’t know. By brushing your beard you’re actually increasing the blood flow in that specific area which then helps stimulate the growth of hair. The other benefit of brushing your beard is that you actually train it to grow downwards. So basically what are you brushing it downwards you’re training it to grow in that same direction as you’re stimulating growth trust me.

You want to train it to grow down and make sure that it’s neat even though it’s full all right. You don’t want to look wild and crazy like you haven’t slept in days and you haven’t taken a shower in weeks. So guys remember to be gentle here okay. You’re not trying to rip the skin off of your face you’re not trying to exfoliate everything off you’re just massaging it just increasing the blood flow that’s it.‚Äč


My next step for you guys is to actually shave your beard. No, I’m not saying trim it short because that is the complete opposite of what we’re trying to do here. I’m mostly talking about the hair on your neck all right. It gives off the appearance of sloppiness and not taking care of yourself which is a look that we’re not going. Shaping your beard up and then also shaving your neck and shaving your cheeks is not only gonna make you look cleaner but it’s also gonna give you a more defined and structured jawline all right.

That’s gonna make you look more masculine and have more hands. It’s just one of those things that are gonna take five to ten minutes every few days and it’s gonna make a world of difference. Because you’re gonna look cleaner more professional and at the same time you can still grow that full beard all right.


So let’s say you’re in your 30s and for some reason, you still look like a baby because you can’t grow your beard. I know that’s extremely frustrating there are other options they’re a little bit more aggressive though. I knock Sydow for example can be used to grow hair on your face as well as on your head but make sure that you do a lot of research before you attempt it. It could have negative side effects plus as soon as you stop taking it the hair most likely will fall out.


Beard transplants are also an option. Yep that’s a thing that’s possible it’s doable it exists but probably not worth it. I mean do you actually want to go through surgery just to have hair on your face?


My next tip work with what you got. I know some of you might not like this but it’s the advice that I have to give you as a big brother. If you’ve waited three to four weeks and there is nothing coming I mean nothing there’s no hope it’s still smooth then it’s time to change your pro. For example, if you have a patch beard you can always use a brush to kind of fill it in or you can use a pencil or makeup don’t tell anyone to fill it. If your beard doesn’t grow to be super full or tick then guess what maybe it’s time to rock that five o’clock shadow or nice stuff.


If you’re in your early 20s don’t panic guys alright? Some guys take forever to start growing beards and that’s perfectly normal okay.

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