how to change your appearance for guys

Hello guys, Welcome back to the Men’s Dream lifestyle. And look if you’re reading this blog I know that you want to look amazing. You want amazing new clothes and accessories but the thing is that gets pretty costly very quickly right it adds up. So today’s blog is all about working with what you got. How to find creative ways to improve your style without having to break the bank and buy all new clothes.


The first tip on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE, that I have for you today is to look for inspiration online to find new ways to mix and match your current clothing options. Learning how to master the clothes that you already have.

Sometimes you look at your closet and you see the same old stuff and you’re like I’ve already worn all of this. But if you find inspiration online you can then mix and match the clothes that you already own that you already paid for in different ways that you’ve never tried before.

Back when I was growing up when I was finding my own style which was? By the way, I had none no style I didn’t have Pinterest I didn’t have Men’s Dram lifestyle on the website helping me out or any of these other guys I didn’t know what to do right. But now you have so many resources online you can find the help you can find inspiration.

Ways to mix and match your outfits that you would have never thought of before. I’d say check out Pinterest, check out Instagram, and Youtube. Because you’re gonna find a lot of inspiration there.


Number two tip for HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE, get used to wearing accessories. So many guys are scared of wearing accessories because they are feminine or it’s not their style. That’s not true you just kind of have to get used to it. You guys know that usually i wear a lot of rings I absolutely love them.

But at first, I wasn’t really used to it I’m like my fingers are a little too tick for that. I don’t know if he looks good it’s a little too bulky. But within a couple of weeks, you get used to it. I love to wear necklaces I always have one one on I like bracelets I like watches and you definitely don’t need to buy expensive accessories.

You don’t need an expensive watch. You probably already own a watch just wear that watch and then throw some rings or a bracelet on this hand and all of sudden your outfit looks more interesting. There are more details to talk about and that’s exactly what we want. We want to change it up with what you already have.

So add accessories to your fit and it’s going to look so much better. Sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, and rings whatever you want.


Now this next one HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE I think is going to make the biggest difference in how you look in the clothes that you already own and that is getting fit or staying fit and healthy. This is good for so many reasons right if you feel like you’re out of shape you’re not gonna be confident to wear the thing that you should be wearing. So you’re gonna try to hide it you’re gonna wear darker colors.

You’re going to go for you know stripes that make you look leaner you’re not going to wear the specific things. It might show that you have a little bit of a gut going in from quarantine. I’ll tell you what? Stop thinking like that and start working on your body now.

The good thing about being fit you know is that it’s definitely going to add to your style right. You’re gonna be able to see some of your muscles peeking through and that is attractive of course. But not only that your posture will also change and that is very important when it comes to style. Because you can be dressed very very well right look amazing but if you’re walking around band your shoulder it’s just not going to look very good. 

It’s going to look sloppy, it’s going to look like you’re lazy, like you tired and that is not good. So your style will improve as your health improves it goes hand in hand. So make sure that you’re working out staying active and keeping your posture proper.


This next tip for HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE, which I’m giving you guys is probably one of my favorite tips when it comes to clothing and styling in general. Especially in the colder months of fall and wintertime that is layering clothing to make it look different. Add details and dimensions to your outfit.

This is something that I didn’t learn for the longest time and I really wish that I did. I think guys especially as you know you’re learning and discovering your style you’re scared of doing that. But layering is going to absolutely change your style. It looks so cool it looks like you are a well-put-together guy who is stylish.

So grab the clothes that you already own from your closet and try to layer them in a way that you can see all of the different layers. Instead of just putting a t-shirt on and then a big-ass jacket actually do like a turtleneck that peeks through that jacket right.

I actually have a shirt that kind of peeks through the bottom underneath the jacket. So these are all layering techniques. That you learn as you go on they’re going to add. So much dimension to your outfit, so much more character, and so much more style to your fit.


The net thing that you can do to immediately improve your style without having to buy new clothes is of course level up your hairstyle. You know that is something that people are going to see immediately right your hair.

So make sure that you’re taking good care of it make sure that you’re using good products that you’re getting a haircut once in a while. So it doesn’t look all wild and unkept keep it fresh keep it clean if you work in an office keep it professional.

But most of all and this is really important change your hairstyle once in a while. Do not be one of those guys that just have the same hairstyle for years. You have to try new hairstyles out because if you don’t then you don’t know how you’re going to look you might look better right.

You might look worse but then you just let it grow or you cut it even shorter but you might look a lot better. So why not give it a shot. I highly recommend that you do the whether it’s a bus cut or a man bun go for.


Next up wrinkly clothes have to go they are not stylish at all so I would recommend is get a steamer. Ironing is kind of annoying I don’t like doing it I’m sure you don’t either but a steamer is actually kind of fun. It’s somewhat it feels soothing and relaxing right. It’s almost like you’re meditating on the sound of the water boiling it just sounds good it’s very relaxing. Actually, I know I sound like an old old person right. But it’s true I like steaming what can I say. The truth is I have a pet peeve with wrinkly clothes it just looks like you slept in that t-shirt if it’s all wrinkly right.

I’m like did you just wear the clothing that you’re wearing yesterday to today’s thing like what’s going on right you never know. So when you steam your clothes it just looks fresh it looks clean it looks new so definitely do that.


Another tip for HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE, that I have for you guys and this one is fun and different is to customize your old clothes. You know don’t be afraid to grab a pair of scissors and change things up. Especially if they’re old clothing old shirts especially old jeans right you have those old jeans that you’re just like. I’m probably going to throw this away don’t do that. If you’re going to throw it away or donate it cool but why don’t you just personalize it first.

You know change it up add some distressing do the same tie-dye experiments. It’s going to be fun it’s a fun project that you can do by yourself or with a friend and there’s so much content out there teaching you how to do this right. So go on Youtube and be like how to customize my jeans and add some patches and have fun with it.


This next tip is HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR STYLE, It is very on-trend and it’s very affordable which is thrift shopping. Go thrift shopping check it out if there’s anything around your area it is worth it man you can get some really good fines for literally six bucks seven dollars it is so cheap. You get some really cool stuff. So check it out and try to expand your style even with those affordable pieces the reason why it’s so trendy is that vintage clothing is trendy right. It’s in style right now. So you can go thrift shopping spend very little money and be on-trend which is amazing. But most of all guys make sure healthy.

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