how to look amazing

Hello guys, welcome back and you know those guys who just look good in everything like they put on a leather jacket they look good t-shirt and jeans they look good in beachwear like swim trunks and they look amazing and you just think how are they pulling this off how are they doing a lot of times you put on an outfit in your head right. You copy someone on Pinterest or Instagram and then you try it on and you’re like oh man this doesn’t even look like the same outfit well today I want to make sure that you look your best and that you wear any clothes that look amazing whatsoever.


Let’s get this first tip out of the way here obviously one of the best ways to look good in any outfit is by working out by being fit. It’s a known fact that guys would work out having a toned body having the muscle to kind of fill in the shirt, the sleeves, it’s going to look good. When you’re in shape when you’re in good shape. 

        You’re going to look really good in most clothing. So if you want to look good in any clothing your number one thing on your to-do list should be working out, it should be hitting the gym going for a run, practicing, or any spots making sure that. You look your absolute best physically.  That kind of ties into the other point here one of the most important aspects if not the most important aspect of clothing is the fit. 


If the fit’s off your entire style is going to be off. When clothes that are too big or too small it’s just not going to look good doesn’t matter. If it’s Gucci Lou viton it does not matter sure there’s a trend nowadays. You can wear baggy clothes and boxy t-shirts sometimes. If you’re going for that look that is okay. If you don’t mean to do that and you’re just wearing ill-fitting clothes it’s not gonna look good. So make sure that. 

        You find clothes that fit you well that are tailored to your size and if you buy jeans for example; That is too long or too baggy get them tailored it’s going to look so much better than having jeans that are scraping. The ground scrapes the floor as you walk hiding your amazing sneakers and if you find a brand that you like that fits you well. Let’s say for t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to buy a couple of different colors you can buy a white and a black t-shirt you can buy a navy t-shirt just make sure that you do your research and find clothes that fit you perfectly.


hairstyles for men

Now as you probably know as a guy one of your most noticeable features is going to be your hair your hairstyle. So you have to make sure that you’re elevating your hairstyle. If you want to look cool. If you want to look your absolute best regardless of the clothing. If you have a cool hairstyle going on you’re gonna look awesome.


Now let’s have some fun here no one likes a boring guy, boring style right that is why? You should try as much as possible to stand out with your clothing. Now I’m not saying wear crazy sneakers and red shirts. I’m saying be free to experiment every now and then and have some fun man. I mean everyone looks good in a black suit right. A white shirt and black tie looks great but changes things up go for a brighter suit try something different a linen suit with some pinstripes try a floral shirt. 

        Instead of just a plain shirt instead of brown and black shoes try something with a little bit more color with a pop of color and a little detail that makes you stand out. It’s so funny I always think of the calm de garcon converses that I have with the heart you know you can get the regular converse or you can go for something like that and you know people love them or hate them. I absolutely love them I’ve had them for a long time but it just adds something to your style it changes things up. So feel free to break some rules to have some fun exploring and find your own unique style and that’s gonna make you look better than else.


men's accessories

A way that I like to play around with my clothing and my style is to add jewelry and add accessories and just change up my outfit. Especially in summer time there’s not much you can do right could open this up a little bit more maybe have a white tee underneath. But the best way to spruce up this outfit is with accessories right. I could throw on some rings if I had a black one then I could throw on you know more. 

       I have a necklace that’s barely visible but you can always add accessories just add some life to your outfit. Just add a little bit of oomph to your outfit. You know otherwise, it gets stale it gets a little bit boring so add accessories to your life. I know so many guys are like I don’t really want to wear rings, I don’t want to wear a necklace, jewelry is for girls. Come on man it’s 2022 have some fun exploring. If you don’t like rings fine go for a bracelet. If you don’t like a bracelet go for a watch so on and so forth because it is going to make you look stylish. It’s going to add more pieces and more details to your fit which can mean a conversation starter people can ask you hey where’s that watch from where is that ring from etc…

        Even sunglasses my sunglasses are going to add a completely different look to your style and I highly recommend you have at least a black pair of sunglasses. You don’t have to be expensive but they do have to be classic. I have a lot of sunglasses in my sunglasses collection and I’ll tell you right. Now, these are even kind of like beat up a little bit because they’re classy they look great they fit with any outfit and I absolutely love it. So no matter what kind of clothing you have on try to always add a couple of accessories here and there to just give your outfit more detail. To fill up any empty spaces and to make your outfit look complete from top to bottom. 


Now the reason why your clothing might not look as good as you thought it would is because of your posture let me say this your posture is everything. When it comes to clothing because you can have an amazing suit on and if you’re doing this your suit is not going to fit well. It’s going to be kind of like crunchy over here right over here things are going to change you’re going to get these lines. So you have to make sure that you stand up straight and do not slouch. 

       Especially when you’re walking no don’t do one of there come on guys come on you have to put some power into the way that you’re walking you have to put some power into the way that you’re standing. So what you should do is make sure that you’re sticking your chest out and pulling your shoulders back all right. Stand up straight is the best thing that you can do that way the clothes will fit you perfectly everything will fall into place and you will look your absolute best. 

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