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Hello, Guys welcome back to men’s dream lifestyle! Today I am talking about to you how to properly shower with a new tattoo. I’m going to be over all the things that you need to watch for, the proper steps you need to take from, day one leading all the way up about the two-week mark when it is fully healed.

Showering shouldn’t be a painful or long process, it shouldn’t be stressful but, if you follow these processes and these steps you should have no problem healing your tattoo and it is the best possible product that it could possibly be.

No Soaking

So, there are two things that you need to watch out for when you have a fresh new tattoo. The first one is the sun, you gotta watch out for him that will destroy your tattoo and the second one is no soaking. This is a big one and this is one that you really gotta watch out for because people don’t think about it. So, that means no swimming, no pools, in general no going to the ocean to the lakes, no jacuzzis, and definitely no baths for two to three weeks before your tattoo is healed.

Now I am not saying you cannot get your tattoo wet but, what I am saying is no soaking for long periods of time. So right after your tattoo appointment is finished I would recommend you talk to your artist and ask him when he recommends watching the tattoo. It can range from two hours all the way up to 12 hours usually the good spot is around two to four hours they would recommend going home and washing it. Once our home you are definitely going to want to take off that plastic that is given to protect the tattoo and then proceed to go into the shower and wash it. 

Now, don’t have to do the shower per se you can wash it beside a sink but, you know sometimes it is best to get into the shower depending on how big the tattoo is and you know the placement of the tattoo.

So, if your artist did use saniderm or some kind of second skin you do not have to worry about the timing of a shower, you can go into a shower right away because these products are waterproof.  Now, I’m not saying to go and start soaking it don’t go and swim with it because you know stuff can still get through seep through and that’s the last thing you want to do. But, shower for like you know 5-10 minute shower is fine you don’t have to worry that much.

The first thing you guys want to do before turning the water on and make sure that it is at the correct temperature before getting in. You want to make sure that it is either cold to lukewarm and what I recommend best is to let it run for a bit put your hand under make sure that is the correct temperature before stepping in. 

Avoid Hot Showers

What I want to also mention is you want to avoid hot showers, Your skin is super sensitive after the tattoo and you know a hot shower with hot water can really hurt that sensitive area. Also, you know with hot water creates steam as well, you create a hot environment it leads to your pores opening which then can lead to ink possibly seeping out and fading or patchy work. So, you don’t want all that you want to avoid hot showers in general, you want to keep the cold to lukewarm and you want to keep these shower sessions short.

Now, that you have the right temperature of the water, you step into the shower. The one thing you want to do is make sure that the stream from the shower head is not hitting your tattoo you want to kind of step away from that, what you want to do now is cup your hand and say I have the tattoo on my shoulder or arm you going to cup your hand has the waterfall  into that cup and then gently splash it onto the area. 


Now, that you have the tattoo area wet the next thing you want to do is grab a soap. I recommend you grab a fragrance free antibacterial soap. Now, this can be a bar it can be foam dispenser one it doesn’t matter, all you want to do is make sure that it is fragrance free antibacterial. You want to make sure it’s lathered up in your hands and then apply it to the tattoo area. 

Cleaning The Tattoo

The one thing i will recommend and then you should definitely do is use your hands when cleaning the tattoo. The one thing you want to watch out for and do not use is either a washcloth or a loofah. They hoard bacteria, somebody else could have used it and also they can be super abrasive to the skin and you know they can definitely lead to damaging skin of a new tattoo.So definitely watch out for those don’t use them, stay away from that and just use your hands.

 Are you continue to wash your body, I would recommend you do is yeah you can definitely wash yourself but, make sure you wash yourself fist before the tattoo if you’re gonna do that, if you’re gonna kind of combine the two. Just because, if your shower your tattoo first and then you shower the rest of your body, you can run the chances of anything of debris, bacteria running down your body and then sitting on that tattooed area, whereas if you wash your body first, while keeping your body part that is tattooed say arm. 

If you keep that out and then wash it the end, no bacteria is already washed onto it and then whatever you wash off will be clean it’ll be nice and fresh. So, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You want as little water on this, you want a little soap on it and you want to be in it as little as possible because, steam can build up too and with all these and access can actually ruin the tattoo in the long run. Because, you know your pores can open from the hotness of the steam the water itself can just drain or suck some of the ink out and then excess you know soap can dry the skin out. Kind of go in wash the tattoo and then get the hell out.

Dry The Tattoo

Once you guys hop out of the shower and you guys are finally finished washing your tattoo what you’re going to want to do next is dry the tattoo. What I recommend you guys don’t do is use a towel to dry the tattooed area. Just because, towels can hold germs bacteria and you don’t what that you can use the towel to dry the rest of your body, that’s totally fine. But, for the tattooed area i like to grab paper towels that are brand new and then just go over and dab it, you don’t want to stroke it down, you don’t want to like you know really scratch it. You just kind of want to dab it lightly and the paper towel will suck up any moisture that is on the skin and then that tattooed area.

Healing ointment

Next what i like to do is i like to grab healing ointment and you want to apply it to the tattooed area. Now, the trick that i like to use put a decent amount, I don’t like to put too much but, i like to put a decent amount and rub it into the skin nicely and have the skin absorb it. I like to wait about 20 to 60 seconds and once that time is over i like to go over with another paper towel and then gently pat it off the paper towel will grab any excess ointment, you’ll be left with just a nice clear thin of healing ointment.

What that healing ointment does is it acts as another protective layer against the outside world and also helps nourish and moisturize your skin.

After about a week you can start taking longer shower, you can have water hit it a bit more and then after about two to three weeks when the tattoo is fully healed from peeling, flaking, scabbing that is when you can finally follow your regular shower routine again and not really worry about you know it fading and ink seeping out or anything like that. Because, by then the tattoo will be fully healed with the new skin over it. 


Remember aftercare is the biggest part of a tattoo and it’s all on you so you got to make sure you take these steps but, they are easy and as long as you are following them. There is no reason why your tattoo shouldn’t heal perfectly.

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