Hello guys, welcome back to men’s dream lifestyle, and to me, there is no better time than right now to start a new chapter of your life. If you’re not feeling good, if you’re down, if you’re not happy, if you’re not healthy then let’s change that right now. Guys all it takes is replacing a few bad habits with good ones that will drive. You forward to a successful much better future. Today’s topic is all about creating those good habits and how to start the health habits and body health tips.


        The first thing body health tips you have to do to be healthier is give up a food or drink that is bad for you. That’s how it starts. You know a lot of people say oh I’m gonna quilt eating all of the bad food and I’m only gonna eat healthy food from now. It doesn’t really work that way I’ll tell you why? Because if you go that way it’s black or white right. You’re eating really healthy and then one day you see a cookie-like two weeks into your diet. 

        You have that cookie all of a sudden you have failed a hundred percent. Your goal is now not going to be reachable. So you have to create a little bit of a gray area. You have to cheat days you have to start slow. That is how you replace those habits it’s not immediate. Everyone has that thing that they can give up. But they haven’t yet for whatever reason. You know it could be chocolate it could be soda it could be McDonald’s. 

       Whatever it is you can definitely start by giving that up first and then slowly replacing the other habits with better ones meaning replace the bad food with better food. You can always give up some type of bad food and replace it with better food right. I know that for example, I gave up soda a very long time ago. But a lot of guys still drink soda pretty much every single day. Which is horrible for your health. 

       So if you can start this now by saying. You know what I’m not gonna give up all bad food. But I will give up soda as of right now. So from now on forward, I’m not gonna drink any more soda. If you drink a lot of soda this is going to make a huge difference in your life and in your health. So pick one or two things that are unhealthy and let them go.


       Number two body health tips get in the habit of getting tested. You know nowadays that means a lot of things right. I’m talking about making sure that. You have your blood work done every once in a while making sure that you’re getting covet tests. Because obviously, that is a massive very important thing that’s happening right now in our world. 

        So make sure that you’re doing that same there are way too many men. who are like I’m a guy I don’t need to get tested. You know I don’t need to go to the doctor. I don’t need to fix this. It’s your body man, it’s like a machine, it needs to be well oiled it needs to be taken care of you need to get that maintenance in right now. For covid19 same thing. If you’re gonna go see your parents your grandparents make sure that you get tested before. So you’re not putting their lives at risk.


        Number three this body health tip is a huge one stay active man. I started right off with a bang I’ve been working out every single day. I feel good, I feel energized, and I feel so motivated to be in the best shape of my life in a few days. I’ve been doing boxing, I’ve been doing functional fitness, I have been running, jogging. I have a treadmill now which I’m very excited about. I have a bike downstairs. I mean I’ve been jumping rope everything you can imagine. Just so I can stay active and exercise every single day.


        Next on the list of body health tips, this one is a must-have in my opinion. But you can be you can abuse it. If you’re not careful get a scale but do not overuse it. What does that mean? So many people obsess over one or two three pounds. That’s not gonna make a huge difference in your life. You know scales are super affordable I think you should definitely have one at home. I have a smart scale. I actually have two smart scales at home and I weigh myself every other day. 

        So I’m not crazy you know obsessed with my weights. I just want to make sure that, I’m going on the right track here. That I’m maintaining my body weight and of course that. I am losing body fat as I go and move forward with my life. Setting goals is really important as well right. So if you’re a little bit overweight and you want to lose that weight then having a scale is the way to go. It’s going to help you know exactly how much weight you need to lose. So use it as motivation do not obsess over it.


        The next thing that I wanted to add to this list. I know a lot of you don’t do this. But I wanted to add it. Because it makes a huge difference in your health and even in the way that you look. You have to quit smoking right now. 

        Smoking cigarettes nowadays it’s like why there is no reason to do that. You gotta kick that habit. You know maybe if you’re not gonna drop the soda start with the cigarettes. Because that is number one man. I mean think about it they are literally cancer sticks that you are sucking on that’s pretty disgusting. The thing about smoking cigarettes too is that there are no benefits. There’s literally no benefit to doing that. You know it causes cancer, it doesn’t smell good, it’s bad for your teeth, it’s bad for your skin I mean the list goes on and on. So if you’re a smoker I urge you to find a way to quit. 

         You know there are so many different avenues that you can take to quit nowadays with patches and services online. So make sure that you look for those. So that you can quit smoking finally right now.


        This goes for drinkers as well. You know if you’re drinking a lot of alcohol I didn’t forget about you. You gotta stop you gotta make sure that you slow down a little bit. I know I drink a little bit as well. I don’t smoke cigarettes. But I definitely drink a little bit. 

         You know on the weekends or whatnot I drink very little. But if you’re getting drunk every single weekend trust me your liver is not feeling good right now. That is not good for your body. So make sure that you’re kicking that habit as well right now. If you’re drinking socially here and there it is acceptable but again not ideal. Guys make sure to follow these tips and care about your health and share with your friends and see the next good topic. 

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