How to Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Guys

The most common issue among youngsters today is hair fall, This happens for both men and women. There’s a reason why i specify the youngsters, It’s okay to loose hair after age of 35 to 40, We have youngsters right from the age 18 facing hair fall these days. So, let’s see what the reason to face hair fall at a very young age, How to control hair fall.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys


1. Not washing hair

The first and the most common reason for hair fall among youngsters is not washing your hair properly, lack of proper hair wash will lead to hair fall. You’re to shampoo your hair at least 2-3 times a week. If you hair is oily due to lack of proper hair wash dandruff can easily capture your scalp. Excessive dandruff may also lead to hair fall.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

2. Not Oiling Hair

The second reason is not oiling your hair properly, You may apply the pure virgin coconut oil just an hour before you wash your hair. This method can drastically bring down your hair fall.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

3. Improper diet

The third is important reason is improper diet, Hair fall occurs when there’s no proper nutrition in your diet. Because, our hair is made up of a protein structure called keratin just, imagine how important and impactful is the protein intake.

You’ll have to consume food that rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, B12. You should eat one full egg daily, Greens, Fish, Berries – Strawberry/blueberry, Nuts and seeds like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds, Avocado/butter fruit, sweet potato which is an excellent source of protein and fibers. Then Beans, Channa, Green vegetables like capsicum these are must you eat.

The most two important food for hair growth are 1 full Amla, Just don’t mind about the sourness as it’s super healthy. Next is curry leaves, If you can’t have it raw, make sure to have it when served with some food, Don’t throw them away as they’re super and super cheap and please don’t waste curry leaves because of their taste, It’s so healthy.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

4. Improper lifestyle

The next reason is improper lifestyle, Proper sleeping routine and minimum of 8 hours of sleep. You have to control, smoking, drinking, fast food Junk food this is what i meant as improper lifestyle. If you could lead your lifestyle properly not only your hair, even your body will feel energized and you feel healthy. 

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

5 Dehydration

The next reason is lack of water make sure to your body hydrated, Please have at least 2-3 liters of water.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

6. Stress

The most common reason for hair fall in youngsters is stress. There are so many reason how youngsters get stressed these days, Even going to school and college is seen as a stress these days. Excessive stress leads to hormonal imbalance, which will collapse the actual function of your body.

These are the most common reasons for hair fall, Please understand that you’re facing hair fall due to one of the reason that i listed.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

How to Stop Hair loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

Hello, guys you know we used to think that hair loss was something that happened only when you got older right but it’s actually not true. Even young guys in their early 20s are going through hair loss and thinning and it can be very damaging to your confidence levels. Especially when you think people notice what you’re thinking but the thing is hair loss affects as many as 50 million people in the united states. So today how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

Alone so don’t get me wrong going bald is very very normal and some guys you know rock the bald look really well no one calls the rock or vin diesel ugly. Because they’re bald they look awesome but if you’re in a situation where you’re losing your hair rapidly and you don’t want to go bald just yet then I have the perfect solution for you I’m going to show you every method to prevent hair loss in today’s blog and even how to bring hair back to your head.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

1. Scalp massage daily

The first tip for how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally is a simple technique of daily scalp massages. Not only does it feel amazing but it has been proven to help stimulate hair growth I know it sounds simple but it has a ton of benefits. When you get your scalp massaged regularly you increase the blood flow to your hair follicles. 

That way your hair cells get enough nutrients which cause them to grow thicker and faster. Apart from the hair benefits scalp massages feel amazing it can help reduce stress and tension and make you feel relaxed which also helps your hair because stress is a major cause of hair loss.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

When you’re massaging your scalp remember you do the claw you do this right but remember to do it gently because applying too much pressure will actually have the opposite effect it will cause your hair to break so go easy.

2. Add your diet supplement of Biotin

Next, add a supplement of biotin to your diet. I highly recommend you start taking biotin immediately ad it comes in many ways you can get it through natural foods of course but I would say if you’re suffering from hair loss or if you want your hair to grow faster and thicker you should take biotin pills I’ve also seen energy drinks that have a ton of biotin in them and multivitamins also have a large amount of biotin. But what the hell is biotin well it’s known as vitamin b7 as well and it stimulates keratin production in your hair and it can increase the rate of follicle growth.

so it can be very effective when consumed that’s why I highly recommend you add a multivitamin to your diet. That has a lot of biotins starting today.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

3. Stop smoking

The next tip for how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally is might be a bit shocking but it’s very true did you know that smoking can cause hair loss. Let me show you why cigarette smoke and other types of smoke contain certain compounds that can actually cause your blood vessels to shrink right and when this happens the blood flow to your scalp is reduced which means fewer nutrients will get to your hair and if your hair doesn’t get enough nutrients it grows weaker and guess what it starts to fall off.

Also when you smoke your hair kind of traps the cigarette smoke right which gives it a very unpleasant smoky smell. Plus your hair follicles can be absorbent too which means they can also absorb some of that smoke in the air which is very bad for your hair. 

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

Guys if you needed another reason to quit smoking how about this you don’t want to go bald stop smoking you don’t want to have lung cancer stop smoking. You don’t want to sound like you’re wheezing and just sound you know lose your voice stop smoking. If you want to be healthy you got to stop smoking that’s the end goal here to be healthy so quit it.

4. Use pillowcase in silky

This next how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally is something that I learned probably like two years ago and it is so so helpful it’s something that we do every night we go to bed we rub our heads on the pillow right and we wake up with less hair than we went to bed with and why is that because of the friction between your head and the pillow so you need a silk pillowcase. Not only is it going to feel amazing it’s going to feel very soft very nice but also it’s going to cause less friction between your hair your head and the pillow and that is going to be awesome.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

It’s going gonna definitely slow down hair loss at night. By the way cotton is also very absorbent and what does that mean well it’s going to absorb all the moisture and the essential oils from your hair leaving your hair dry and crusty in the morning that is the reason why you wake up looking like a truck hit you in your sleep because you have that cotton literally sucking up all of the moisture from your face from your hair. 

So silk is the way to go for you if you want better skin you want better hair get a silk pillowcase it’s literally like 10 bucks on amazon. Silk is less absorbent it’s smooth and it won’t cause your hair to break and be unnecessarily dry. Guys if you want to keep your hair on your head follow this step and check the biotin thank you guys share your friends and see the next good content see you guys.

how to stop hair loss in teenage guys

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