Hey, fabulous fam! Welcome back to Men’s Dream Lifestyle! It’s your trendsetter, bringing you another exciting episode today. So, you’ve all been blowing up the comments, asking me to recreated the legendary Leo Vijay iconic outfit and horse riding scene from his latest movie. Well, you know I’m all about embracing the trends, so today, we’re diving headfirst into this epic challenge!

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Leo Vijay Outfit Recreated / Leo Horse Riding Scene

Leo Vijay Outfit Recreated / Leo Horse Riding Scene

Leo Vijay outfit recreated


Men Casual Shirt

Product Details:

Pack of: 1

Style Code: NCZZ01

Fit: Regular

Fabric: Cotton Blend

Sleeve: Full Sleeve

Pattern: Checkered

Reversible: No

Color: Color


Men Black Jeans

Product Details:

Style Code: BLK-N-28

Ideal For: Men

Suitable For: Western Wear

Pack Of: 1

Reversible: No

Fabric: Denim
Faded: Clean Look
Rise: Mid Rise


Lace-UP Boots

Product Details:

  • Wipe with a clean, dry cloth when needed
  • Leather insole
  • Zip Fastening
  • Genuine leather upper
  • Package contains: 1 pair of boots
  • Rapid Dry
  • TPR sole


And there you have it, my trendsetters! We’ve successfully recreated Leo Vijay iconic outfit, and now it’s time to conquer the horse riding scene. But before I hop on that majestic creature, I want to hear from you – did we nail the look? And, of course, drop a comment below with your guess on how well I’ll handle the horse riding.

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