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Hello guys! Welcome back to Men’s Dream Lifestyle. I want to go over seven habits that men should develop to look their best. So that you can look your best, there are so many little things that you can add to your life little tweaks that you can make that will help you look your absolute best.

1. Working out

                   The first habit of the way I feel like it’s the most obvious it’s common sense you need to start working out right now. Because that will completely change your appearance. You guys know how serious I am about working out and staying healthy man. It completely changed my life in so many different ways. One discipline teaches you the discipline you have to go not every day but you have to go very often right. Four, five, six times a week to able to see those results those gain or those losses whatever you’re trying to do. 

         So two of course your physical appearance right. You’re going to look better it’s just a matter of fact. If you’re eating well, if you’re working out your body will thank you by giving you a great greek god’s body right. And most importantly your health is going to improve and you’re going to have more energy. I mean there are so many benefits to working out, that’s why? I want to get this one out of the way first because the benefits are just massive. If you’re not working out yet you should start just being active, going to the gym, going for a run, playing sports whatever it may get it done get a swat in because your body will think.

2. Being Career Driven

        The second daily habit that’s very attractive is being career-driven. When someone knows what they want business-wise it’s just one of the most attractive things right. Because you can see the passion in that person’s face you can hear it in their voices, and you can feel it in the room. Working towards something that you’re passionate about, working towards your dream I mean that is attractive right that is very attractive. I’m sure that if someone notices how hard you’re working, how driven you are, and how big your goals and your dreams are they’re going to be attracted to you. So make sure that you’re focused and working towards your dreams because that first of all is going to help you. Getting there and achieving those dreams but also it is an attractive habit.

3. Being Clean

         The next habit that is definitely going to make you more attractive is always being clean. I can’t stress this enough, you can wear all the designer clothing in the world. I don’t care how much you spent on your shoes, I don’t care how much your watch costs, I don’t care how tall you are if you’re not clean, you don’t smell good no one’s gonna want to be around you. And yes of course you should always spray your favorite scent to make sure that you smell incredible but being clean guys it starts in the shower.

4. Reading / Listening To Audio Books

        The next reading or listening to audiobooks. I can’t stress this enough man when you’re learning right when you’re learning so much when you’re being exposed to new things even new words and new vocabulary all of a sudden it opens up your mind, opens up your brain and it gives you more to talk about, It gives you a better knowledge of the world and it expands your English your communication skills or whatever language they speak in. Honestly, it’s mind-boggling to me that people do not read or listen to audiobooks or at least listen to podcasts to expand their minds. 

       It has been life-changing to me I listen to self-development audiobooks every day for about 20 to 30 minutes in the morning before I do anything else and man. It just starts off my day so well that I absolutely love it. And I am learning every day and that’s the best feeling in the world. It’s going to help you improve your communication skills which is one of the most attractive things. You can ever work on I’m telling you. If you can speak well right, if you have really good communication skills trust me. You go from a 7 to a 10 real quick why? Because it shows you’re sharp because it shows you study because it shows that you’re reading and you’re knowledgeable about any subject that people talk about. So make sure to add reading and or listening to audiobooks to your daily routine.

5. Organizing Living Space

        This next one if I don’t do this I go a little bit crazy and that is cleaning or organizing my living space. I need to make sure that my space is organized. I like knowing where exactly all of my things are in my head. I have a mental picture of my whole place and I know exactly where each little thing is. And when I don’t I go a little crazy. I really like to be organized and I really like to be clean and that in itself is an attractive habit. Why? 

        Because it means you’re not a slob, it means you’re not lazy, it means you’re organized, you’re clean. If you just sit around on your computer desk drinking soda, eating chips and there’s food everywhere there are pizza boxes from like a couple of days ago it’s just not a good look, it’s not an attractive thing right. It’s more like probably kind of lazy you’re probably not really doing much with your life. I don’t know it’s just not a good look. I see how you start judging people by that right and that’s not a good thing. Make sure that your space is clean, make sure that you’re organized. Because first of all, it helps you like a better life. Knowing where your things are being organized and clean decluttering just helps you live a more organized better more practical life.

6. Take Care Of Your Teeth

         The next attractive habit that you need to develop right now is taking care of your teeth. I mean let’s be honest the bright pearly white smile is just it’s attractive it brightens up the room right. You can see it from a mile away, whether it’s a guy or a girl you’re like you appreciate it right. And guess what it’s only two steps to get there one make sure that your teeth are as straight as possible of course you can get braces, you can get Invisalign or any of these other more affordable companies it takes a little while. But when you’re done it’s going to look absolutely beautiful. 

         And then two whiten your teeth which can be done professionally at a dentist or you can just do it at home with the whitening strips or any of these other new whitening technologies. With those two things your teeth are going to look beautiful, you’re going to have an amazing smile and that gives you that confidence to go out there and smile and just show people. That you’re happy instead of having to smile because you’re embarrassed by your teeth, they’re like covering your face, when you smile covering your mouth that’s not as attractive.

7. Good Manners

        Of course, having good manners is one of the most attractive things. That you can ever do one of the most attractive things on this list. Saying please, sorry, excuse me, thank you, hi, how are you, how were your day just good manners. Nowadays we’re so used to being on our phones and just like not even saying anything and being kind of rude right. That’s not the okay man you need to be above that if you want to be at your best practice good manners. Say ‘excuse me if you bump into someone’ look into their eyes when you’re shaking their hands, say thank you open a door for someone who holds the door for the old lady who’s coming right behind you don’t smash it into her face what are you doing? Those are all good manners and every man should work to perfect them.

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