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Hello guys, Welcome back to Men’s Dream lifestyle. And today’s world a lot of guys think that they need to be extremely flashy and show off everything that they have and they own. To get the girl their dreams. Well, I’m here today to tell you that’s not true. And in this blog, I’ll tell you seven things. You should never ever do to try to impress a girl that you are into.


       The first thing NEVER DO TO IMPRESS GIRL you need to stop doing to impress girls is saying yes to everything. Guys come on you can’t just say yes to everything. Because of course, people are going to take advantage of that. If she says can you pick me up and then bring me to this place and you say yes. You think you know what if he’s willing to do that what else is he willing to do can you pick me up tomorrow too. 

        How about the next day? I hate to be the guy to tell you this. But people are not as nice as you think right. It’s just not going to happen sometimes you’re going to get people. Who is going to take advantage of you and you need to be ready for that? Also, you shouldn’t be saying yes to everything and making yourself available at all times for this person mostly. Because she’s going to think well he’s not doing anything. 

        What is he doing with his life I can just call him or text him anytime and he’s gonna say yes to picking me up to doing things for me. What does he do? I know it’s weird and I know in reality you should just be nice and say yes if you’re available. But that’s not the world we live in. So if you’re a little busy, if you have anything going on or if you just don’t feel like it says no. It is completely to say no. If you really like this person and you want to see them. If you want to do a nice thing for them then go ahead. 

        But do so at your own risk. Because like I said for some reason mean people take advantage of nice people.


        The next on the list NEVER DO TO IMPRESS GIRL’S that way too many guys do is sending messages back to back to back. Guys text message etiquette is such a big thing nowadays. You have to know what you’re doing. If you’re sending messages back to back to back. You’re going to come off as needy. Someone who needs attention at all times and needs an answer right away. 

        The thing is this person might be busy there might be a dinner or a movie theater and they can’t get back to you so hold on. Just wait until they get back to you. The alternative here is they’re not busy and they did see the message and they didn’t reply to you. So what is a second third or fourth message going to accomplish absolutely nothing? But making you look extremely needy. 

        So my rule of thumb for this one is you need to send one message she doesn’t reply hours go by you send a second one and that is it no more messages. You never ever want to send that third message.


        Next on the list NEVER DO TO IMPRESS GIRL’S this is something that you should not do. If you’re trying to impress a girl or anyone really even a friend talking about yourself all the freaking time. I get it you make a lot of money. You know all these DJs you work in an amazing job you have this car. But what about me when are you gonna let me talk. Guys who talk about themselves way too much to try to impress girls. Don’t go anywhere and if the girl is easily impressed by that kind of talk about money and car and who you know that’s probably not the girl you’re looking for. 

       So here’s what I suggest instead provide value. Providing value is one of the biggest lessons. You’re gonna learn in your life trust me. Always remember in everything that you do in life providing value is where you need to shine. You will make countless friends you will get any job you want and any girl you want if you can learn to provide value. No that doesn’t mean monetary value alright. I mean introducing two people when you think they could be great friends or great business partners helping people in need. Lifting people up instead of tearing them down.


       This next one NEVER DO TO IMPRESS GIRL’S this is a classic mistake way too many guys make trying to impress people in general but definitely girls wearing way too much cologne. Guys, what are you doing? If I walk by you right we’re walking and cross paths and you just walk by me and you leave that cloud of cologne a fragrance and I can barely find oxygen to breathe. Guys, it’s way too much you’re drowning people. You guys know that I absolutely love colognes but that doesn’t mean that you should be wearing a lot of cologne. 

        Cologne is something that should be more intimate. It’s when people come into your bubble into your space. It’s not to be projected out into the whole office where you’re working or into the whole bar that you just arrived at. All right you got a point but what is the right amount of cologne. That I should be wearing when I go on a date or when I go out trying to find girls well. You definitely want them to smell it.  

         you put a good Kelowna and you smell good you look good you want them to be able to smell it. But it can’t go too far. The cloud needs to stay right around here. If you’re wearing a cologne that is maybe on the lighter side then you can go for a fifth spry whether it’s a third on the neck here or on the back of the neck. I’m telling you that is enough you don’t need any more than that.


        The next classic mistake that I see is that way too many guys making a man oh I feel bad. Because this happens too much and girls get away with it is buying them gifts all the time and showering them. With incredible gifts guys, you’re so nice I love that you guys are amazing. But it’s not good you’re not impressing anyone. Here’s a little secret I’ve actually been with a lot of girls who told me. 

         Yeah, this guy you know I was with him for like a week and he bought me all these amazing gifts these bags, these shoes, this wallet. I mean like designer stuff nice stuff and I’m like wow what a nice guy this is a really nice guy. These girls go yeah it’s too much, I don’t like it, I cut it off right then and there. What do you realize? They literally did not like getting those gifts. because they thought it was too much attention. 

         These guys spent thousands of dollars on these girls and they were just like no. It’s too much I’m out. That’s why I’m telling you guys. It’s not always about being nice and being amazing and buying gifts. Because not every girl wants that. If that’s all the girl wants maybe she’s not the one for you dude.


        The next thing that you should definitely not be doing to impress any girl is being so nice to her. That you end up talking yourself into the friend zone. Being too nice saying yes always being there for her. Those are all nice things and you’re an amazing guy for doing those things. But in the real cruel world, it doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately, you do have to play the game. The game is annoying it’s stupid, and it’s a shame that we have to go through it. But the thing is don’t ever think that you are above it. Don’t ever think oh I don’t have to play this game with her. 

         I’m going to text her back immediately. I will be the nice guy 100% of the time and do everything for her. I’m telling you from personal experience. That is not the world we live in. You have to give and take you to have to be smart about your time and how much of it. You will spend with this girl or even think about her. Don’t offer her all these favors. Because people will take advantage of you. Especially if you’re not dating this girl yet. if you’re just getting to know this person you’re still friends or friends and you start providing so much. 

        You start doing all these things and you know doing all these favors for her. You will quickly move into the friend zone. Once you start dating then of course you know everything changes you’re not playing this stupid little game anymore. Then you can be yourself and cheeky be yourself and it is so much better. But until then make sure that you are playing your cards right. Take some time for yourself and then give her a few times as well. You know offer some favors but not too many say yes. But balance that with some no’s and you will be much better off.


       Next on the list NEVER DO TO IMPRESS GIRL is saying I love you too early or saying I can’t wait to marry you or I’m going to marry you someday. Again guys I know you’re trying to let her know that you want her. I know you’re trying to make her feel comfortable in this relationship. But that is not the way. Those things the thing is they take the time you know those feelings for them to become really serious feelings they take some time. When you say those things there are three things that can happen one they can be true and you get married and you live an amazing happy life for the rest of you. 

      The second thing that can happen is she can be like whoa that is way too soon that’s too much, I don’t know, if I can handle this I am out. And third, you might actually regret saying those things yourself. Because at the beginning of your relationship obviously, you’re going to be extremely passionate. But as time goes on. You might realize maybe that’s not the person you want to be with. So take your time really understand your feelings before you let them out before you tell her. I love you so much you’re the girl of my life. I want to a married. You take some time really think about it and understand those feelings before you let them out. Guy make sure to follow these tips and thank you, guys.

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