Better Looking Your Face

Hello guys, and it is so good to see your faces here but guess what it’s gonna get even better. Because today I have five ways to have a better-looking face. I’m gonna show you guys how you can improve your looks just like this.

Better Looking Your Face


The first tip is Better Looking Your Face for you guys which is using optical illusion to shape your beard. Now, what does that mean well I’ll tell you right now most guys when they have a beard it’s kind of hard to shave it. Because it gives you definition right, when you shape your beard properly it’s going to give people the illusion of a sharper jawline right, it’s going to give people the illusion of a bigger chin. 

Now you can shape it so that it’s really short on the sides and you can leave it longer as it gets closer to the bottom here. Your chin or your sides because that’s going to make your face look a little bit longer. Why would you want your face to be longer well? 

If you have a round face shape elongating your face will make your face look less round. So what you can do here with the shape of your beard is literally change the shape of your face.

That will make you look more attractive. If you want a wider jaw or a sharper jawline then make sure that these edges are sharp. If you want your face to look a little bit longer make sure that you let it grow down here and then you can trim it a little bit tighter on the sides as you go up. 

The possibilities are endless there’s so much you can do I mean just look at the difference it makes on these guys’ faces Danny Oserian, for example, have you ever seen that guy without a beard no because he probably does not look good without a beard. 

You can see that he uses that he has a long beard up in the bottom. So that his jaw looks way more chiseled than it really is so use that to your advantage now. 


Now the next Better Looking Your Face thing that you have to do to make sure that you’re looking your best is of course having a good skincare routine. This is a non-negotiable you have to start doing this now. The one question I get all the time and it’s really disappointing guys I don’t want to get these questions anymore is I wash my face like every day, moisturize my face every day and I’m not getting results and I’m like a damn dude. 

What’s going on like how long have you been doing this. For I’ve been doing it for like a week dude. That’s not how it works unfortunately skincare is one of those things that you have to be consistent for a long time.

you have to do it every single day. I would recommend twice a day and then after a while Your skin will get better you have to literally do it. For a while, that’s why it’s called a skincare routine not a one-and-done kind of thing and if you don’t have a skincare routine yet or you’re looking for better products.


The next tip is Better Looking Your Face is actually something that your eyebrows. You have to take care of your eyebrows and what I mean is the shape of your eyebrows can really change your face in the way that it looks. It is night and day man if you have thin eyebrows or if they’re connected of course if you have a unibrow monobrow. 

It’s just not gonna look as good as it could right nowadays, especially since the trend is to have thicker longer eyebrows. Like bushier eyebrows that is the trend you can look at the runway shows you can look at magazines you can look at Pinterest, I’m telling you. You’re gonna see that the trend has completely changed. Because it used to be thin eyebrows. That was like the look nowadays it is definitely the thicker Zac Efron type of look.

What I’m saying here is to be careful with plucking your eyebrow. I’ve seen a lot of guys use a razor to shave their eyebrows and then they have this really wide space between them that does not look good never ever use a razor to shave the in between your eyebrows here do not do that all right. Razors from here up are a no go only use them on your beard. If you want to shave it and that’s it. 

Instead, grab a pair of tweezers and you can be very methodical very precise, and pluck hair by hair to make sure that your eyebrows look on fleek, and like I said don’t go overboard the trend is definitely to have thicker bushier eyebrows. If you’re plucking a lot of it out it’s just not gonna look good, also I’ve seen this happen all right. 

I’ve seen close friends doing this trimming their eyebrows with a trimmer. That’s a no-go that is definitely a do not go there zone. If you want to use some scissors maybe like brush them up and use some scissors that’s okay. But no trimmer no automatic device with the battery or charge should go close to your eyebrows. 

If you’re a dude trying to take care of them and it is completely okay. For guys to go and get them done professionally trust me it’s going to look great as long you tell them exactly. What you’re looking for you have a unibrow and you feel like that’s not the look that you won’t go get them done professionally. It’s going to look absolutely amazing and you’re going to thank me later.


The next one Better Looking Your Face is the second thing I notice on everyone’s faces first is the hair I’m a hair guy you know I like hairstyles and hair products and all of that so obviously I’m going to notice the hair first that’s easier to see but then the smile teeth that is so important. I think people are going to be able to see that from far away. 

If we smile and you have yellow teeth or crooked teeth or if they’re dirty or especially if you have bad breath. So a tip here for you guys is to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth twice a day or after you eat. If you’re going on a date please man make sure that you’re flossing and brushing your teeth using mouthwash.

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