These 5 habits make people dislike you

Hello Guys! Welcome back to Men’s Dream lifestyle. Today we’re gonna talk about five habits you want to absolutely stay away from because these things make people instantly dislike you. Know a person that you just don’t like you don’t really know exactly why you just like them but for whatever reason, they just don’t feel right. Well, it’s probably because that person has one of these five habits that we are going over today.

These Habits make People Dislike You


       Guys reason number one or habit number one is the unknown sarcasm. Being sarcastic is a great characteristic to have alright the problem is when people don’t realize that you’re being sarcastic. It’s actually not that easy to be sarcastic you have to use the right facial expressions and the right tone of voice it can a little complicated for some people. For example, if they’ve ever told a sarcastic joke to someone but then you look at their face and you kind of realize that person didn’t really get that you’re being sarcastic then there’s that awkward stage or being like it’s a joke you got that right. 

        Well, that happens a lot so when you’re being sarcastic make sure to use a funny or a chill voice. You know maybe throw in a smart look at them directly in the eyes or even as cheesy as that sounds throw them away. Especially if you just met that person you’re getting to know them. You know I absolutely love a good sense of humor as long as they know you’re joking it’s a great way to socialize.


         Another habit that people dislike it’s kind of funny. Because it’s true though sharing way too many photos on social media. I know you’re gonna hate me for this one. Because you’re probably thinking that is literally your job. Well even for me all right I wouldn’t post two three or four pictures a day that’s way too much. Alright everybody has a limit and also everyone has that uncle or that family member or whatever that just posts way too many pictures on the same day. 

          I had a bunch of pictures of that party or that even or their daughter it doesn’t matter. If it’s spam studies actually show that if he pulls too much with your friends your family isn’t gonna like that and if he pulls too much with your family friends aren’t gonna like that which is very weird talk about jealousy here. You don’t want to come off as annoying on social media. Because nowadays people will remember that stuff when they run into you in real life okay. They might see you out and be like oh that’s a dude I had to unfollow and should probably go this way. 

          You know because he was posting way too many pictures spamming all day long about that stupid concert he went to so don’t really want to see him. Listen take as many photos as you want but there is no need to post all of them. Post your favorite ones or spread them throughout the week. You know take your time don’t spam everyone.


         Another bad habit is not smiling. Meeting new people can be a little bit awkward sometimes right depending on the occasion. But you have to remember it’s not awkward just for you it’s awkward for both of you and for the person as well. If you want to help break the ice and make them feel more comfortable even though it can be hard to keep a smile on your face I would say try anyway. You know a study actually found that smiling when you first meet someone helps make sure that they’ll remember you later. 

         It is very important we talk about that here all the time. If you keep a straight serious face the whole time you’re socializing with someone. You’re gonna seem uninterested in the conversation that person isn’t gonna want to keep talking to you. Because they’re gonna feel like they’re bothering you. So they’re probably just gonna cut the conversation short and just you know keep it straight to the point. Because it feels like there is something off it feels like you don’t want to talk to them.


         The next These habits make people dislike you and this one can be a little awkward sometimes as well as handling a compliment poorly. Have ever randomly got a compliment and it threw you off. So bad that you just didn’t react the right way. It actually happens to a lot of people who are a little bit more shot. Because when a compliment comes out of nowhere it brings all of that attention to you right. 

         Everyone’s now looking at your shoes if they talked about your shoes or your hair and if you’re not ready for it. It can be a little bit embarrassing and awkward. So even if it’s a simple compliment be humble about it and thank them. Look to compliment them back you remember that they actually went out of their way to make you feel good. So take that in and appreciate their effort.


                 Another habit that can make someone instantly this like you is being an attention seeker. I talked about how good it can be to grab other people’s attentions with and eggy outfit you know our leather jacket or that one piece that really stands out. But there’s a limit to everything that you do. You don’t want to be the loudest person in the room everywhere you go and this is not just me saying this research actually shows that bringing too much attention to yourself is a quick way to make people dislike you. Here’s what you absolutely shouldn’t do cut other people off when they’re talking that’s terrible. Talk too much about yourself. 

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