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Hello guys! Welcome back to Men’s Dream Lifestyle and I want to make sure that you guys know exactly what you have to do to look your absolute best. So today I give six tricks and six hacks that you can use daily to make you more attractive to men. These are little things that I do once in a while when I just want to look my best. 


The first hack attractive men that I have for you guys is to try to look taller. Bear with me here I’m not saying you’re short and you need to look taller. What I’m saying is if you actually try it right now try to look taller. What happens is you straighten out your posture, you actually stand up straight you pull your shoulders back you tighten up your core all of a sudden you have perfect posture it’s going to be more attractive to men. 

         So whenever I feel like I’m slouching or I look in the mirror and I’m like oh my god my back is rounded what I do is I just try to look a little bit taller and that means that my posture is now perfectly aligned, my spine is aligned everything feels good and I’m not looking like I’m slouching looking like I’m lazy or tired anymore.


The second thing you need to do to be a more attractive men right now is make sure that you smell great. Listen I do not care if you’re wearing all designer clothing, If you are six foot four, If you drive a Lamborghini, If you smell bad no one is going to want to be around you. So take care of that bo man you got to make sure that you’re wearing deodorant make sure they’re obviously using your body wash and of course, make sure to spray some of your favorite scents your fragrance to smell incredible.


 This number three is you gotta wear accessories. Accessories can make an outfit that is simple, that is basic and turn it into something that’s way cooler. Something that’s way more elaborate maybe more detailed shows off your personality, it shows off some character.


The fourth hack attractive men that you have to start doing right now so that you can look your absolute best is to add length and volume to your hair. I cannot tell you how many guys I see out on the street and I look at the good-looking guys they got potential but they got really short hair with no volume super flat. Come on guys get creative and add some more pizzazz to your hair I mean you know I’ve had every hairstyle under the sun like I’ve had literally every hairstyle you can think of from a buzz cut to this whatever this is happening right now, to the quiff, to long hair and a man bun I mean I’ve tried it all and it’s so fun to try new things out. To see what your face is going to look like with a new hairstyle. 

         But there are two things that always make you more attractive. You don’t have to go super long but please don’t go super short because it just doesn’t give you the variety that you need to have a good hairstyle to have that body. to have a little bit of body which is really good. Which is like I said the second thing. Length and volume are definitely going to make you more attractive men so make sure that you’re adding that to your hair.


The next trick is something that I’ve been doing for a long time and that is shaping your beard for an illusion of a sharper jawline. Basically, when I have my beard off it looks like my jawline isn’t as sharp as it is right now. But when I have a stubble like a two to a five-millimeter beard it definitely accentuates my jawline. It makes it look sharper it makes it looks more square and I think that’s a cool masculine look.


This next one is something that you have to work on but once you do once you nail it man it is one of the most impressive, boosters when it comes to being attractive men. That improves your communication skills because that will make you more attractive to men. guys look even if you look your absolute best if you’re an athlete best of a guy good looking dude but you have no communication skills I’ll tell you what? 

         You’re probably not going to be able to hold it together during a date that’s going to go longer than an hour, You know what are you going to talk about. You need to make sure that you’re holding your own, you need to make sure that you’re working on those communication skills because you have to keep your date entertained. 

        Because you have to make sure that when you’re in a business meeting you can tell people what’s going on in your head and you can add value to this conversation you see how attractive that is. I mean even as a guy right when you see another guy standing up in a business meeting and just like delivering a really short speech about anything you’re like damn that guy’s got it together right. Immediately it adds value to the conversation immediately it adds some type of respect to that person’s name. 

         So this is what I recommend making sure that you’re reading books or listening to audiobooks pretty frequently. Why? Because that’s going to add new words and new ideas to your vocabulary and that is very good you need to stimulate your brain you need to be learning at all times so audiobooks podcasts books are all great things. But two you also have to practice speaking. 

         Even if you’re speaking to the mirror and just seeing how you behave when you’re talking or practice talking to your friends you don’t have to go and do a speech or anything but just practice talking for 30 seconds can I hold a conversation for 30 seconds without stopping can I talk no okay let’s try 15, can I do 30 all right, let’s try 45, let’s try a minute can I tell a story? Practice storytelling that’s one of the best things that you can do in your life. It’s great for marketing, it’s great for social media careers, it’s great for business, it’s great for dates I mean it goes on and on and on. Communication skills can be very attractive and very beneficial to your life so start practicing now.

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