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Hello guys, Welcome to Men’s Dream lifestyle. And your accessories say a lot about what kind of man you are. you know it’s funny because as a guy. This is definitely one of those things that matter. You know other guys and girls will check out your sunglasses, your wallet, and the other accessories that I’m gonna mention in this blog. For example: If I see a guy I pull out a spider-man wallet. That has velcro in it. I know we’re not going to be friends. Because we just see things differently. By the way, today’s blog is about men’s accessories let’s start it.


men's essential

The first thing every man should own on the list here is a cell phone case that matches his style. Because I mean you can’t be rocking your cell phone with that kind of case. Your cell phone nowadays is probably the most important accessory that you have. Everyone sees it, everyone knows what it looks like, you’re gonna be you know holding it or on the phone or texting it and people will see what it looks like. 

If you’re smart you probably have a case on your phone. If you’re one of those insane people that don’t have a cell phone case I pray for you I hope that you don’t drop your phone. But honestly, you’re kind of asking for it at this point. But don’t just buy the first case you see because it fits your phone. You know first, make sure that it actually protects your phone. Because that’s the whole point of the case. But you know you can kind of play around with the style as well. If you want a clean classy case for example; Go with leather. 

You know with like a black or a chocolate brown a tan I mean that looks incredible super manly definitely screams gentle. That’s kind of what I have on my phone now. It’s not leather but it’s rubber but it’s really clean classy straight to the point nothing crazy no designs. You know usually, girls can get away with sparkle designs and all that in different patterns. But for men, I think a classic cling design is usually better and something not as thick no as big trust me size matters.


Number two things every man should own this one of those that no one saw coming. An accessory that we are all wearing this year. You need a fashionable mask. So first of all make sure it’s clean right. Throw it in the laundry if it’s a washable one. Make sure that you’re cleaning it up. Because you are literally covering your nose with it your mouth with it and you know you’re getting into your pores and obviously saliva when you’re talking. So you need to make sure that you’re washing your mask every once in a while. It doesn’t look like this is going away anytime soon. 

I think we’ll wear masks through 2021, to be honest with you at least hopefully that’s it. But you know what why not invest in something that actually looks nice. This one here is so clean it stretches out really well. So it is comfortable to wear and easy to put on I bought this right before a trip and I’ve been wearing it a lot. Because I didn’t want to wear ones that weren’t comfortable. 

Because you have to be in the plane wearing masks for eight hours. To find a mask that is comfortable stylish and easy to wash. No please don’t be that guy wearing a bandana because it looks like you’re about to rob a convenience store.


You can go and get your own next to a slim wallet. Preferably with no marvel characters on the wallet and no DC characters either. Alright, this is funny because I actually did have a friend who had a spider-man wallet. He was I mean he was like 26. It’s not good it just doesn’t work. 

You know you’re gonna go pay for that dinner you take that special lady out for dinner. You know it’s a nice dinner you’re about to pull out your wallet and be like I got this baby and then you pull it out and it’s spiderman. Come on dude and even if it wasn’t if it’s like just a wallet that’s filled with CVS receipts and like pictures and all these cards that you never use like a library card, a gym card, this card deck I’m like why? You don’t need any do you use that stuff no. 

So take it out of the wallet and get a nice slim preferably leather wallet that’s going to look amazing for years to come. Not only do slim leather wallets look better. They’re also easier because you put them in your pocket. Right we don’t carry purses around usually so we put them in our pockets and it doesn’t look bulky in our pants. That is why I absolutely love slim leather wallets that’s what I always recommend you guys get.


The next thing every man should own list on the item is something that you know. I think every man needs but also right now. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of traveling happening. But I do think that every guy needs a nice carry-on bag. When it comes to checking your bag in look I’m gonna be honest with you guys. You don’t really need anything that’s too nice or expensive. Because have you seen how those guys treat your bags. 

They literally grab it over here and chuck it. Like how far can I throw this bag right? It just rolls it doesn’t really matter it’s gonna get destroyed. But your carry-on bag you handle that you take care of that and you have it with you from your house all the way to the new location that you’re traveling to. So you decide how you’re gonna treat it. 

I have really nice carry-on bags. So I recommend you guys get a nice carry-on suitcase. It’s just a nice gift to yourself. When you’re traveling you know and you have that nice suitcase with you it just looks amazing and you feel really good. Not only about your upcoming trip but also the way that you look going through the airport. You know having people looking and be like wow that’s a nice suitcase right. 


men's essential

Next on the list is because I’m talking about watches. Your one favorite at least that you like to wear. But you can wear whatever one fits your budget you can hear whatever one fits your wrist and fit in your style and honestly that is fine. Look I just think that as we move forward in this digital age. Everyone can tell time from their phones right. Everyone has a phone, Everyone has a smartwatch, A smart wearable whatever. But at the same time, it just doesn’t look classy and doesn’t look as good. 

It’s not as appealing as you know like as a watch as a nice watch. When I say nice I don’t mean expensive I just say a watch that you like. If you’re getting your first watch ever I recommend going with a nice metal bracelet or a black or brown. Those are the three that I’d go with I wouldn’t really go with anything too crazy red, yellow, blue. 

Just because it matches more of your clothing and it matches more of your outfits. If you have one of those three. A watch just shows that you’re a classy man it shows that you’re professional it shows that you value time. So I think it’s really important to wear a watch.


Also, something that I absolutely love I don’t know why I just really like getting new ones is a Dopp kit and a toiletry kit. If you don’t know what it is then I’ll show you this is it right here. It’s basically a toiletry bag that you use for all your products right. Obviously, as a guy you’re gonna have shampoo conditioner maybe hair styling products toothbrush. If you’re going to your friend’s house to hang out play video games and sleep overcome back tomorrow night or if you’re going away to Paris for the weekend right. 

It doesn’t really matter either way you’re going to need a toiletry bag. Because you need to bring your product. So if you’re going to bring a plastic bag from the grocery store with your toothbrush in there. Umm, it’s just not gonna look good it’s gonna look very very weird and bad and amateurish. So get a nice toiletry bag. You know I highly recommend you get one. This is actually a pro tip here for you guys an amazing. Guys make sure to get these accessories and share your friends.

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