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Hello guys, let me just say, man sometimes I see some guys doing these things on today’s list and it’s just embarrassing it’s not good it’s not a good look all right. So I have a list of five things that men need to stop doing right now and so if you’re doing these you have to quit it all right.


               The first thing on today’s list THE MEN NEED TO STOP DOING though is something that i see happening way too much in today’s world, it’s embarrassing, it really is and that is thirsty behavior online. If you’re doing this you need to stop right now. If you’re following dozens of hot girls on Instagram. If you’re liking their photos every time they post you’re the first one to like their photos and you’re never even net them before look. 

              Let me tell you right now there is no reason to be following all of those girls on Instagram on twitter on whatever else even some paid apps. That we’re not gonna get into here but why are you doing that. If you don’t know them, if you’re not gonna get anything out of it it just makes you look bad. Look if you’re following your friends you know and she happens to be hot and you’re hyping her up that that’s fine that’s completely fine great behavior keep it going.

 But if you don’t know her if you’re not even gonna try to reach out and shoot your shot. If you’re just gonna like her photos and comment you know fire emojis and say she looks so hot all the time. That’s thirsty behavior and that needs to stop don’t be what they call a simp nowadays all right. Guys the reality is you have to respect and know your worth what are you worth stop it.


               Next up this is something that you need to stop doing right this second and that is thinking that you don’t deserve better. Thinking that you don’t deserve a better job, a better partner, a better friend, a better body, a better life you deserve now. That doesn’t mean let go of your friends. Let go of your job of you partner and go find someone else. That means you deserve somebody who’s really good that just means you deserve somebody who is going to be good to you who is going to respect you.

You deserve the body that you’re going to be proud of but you have to work for it. So stop thinking that you know what i’m not going to workout today. Because i don’t even deserve that body, I’m never going to get there, i’m never going to have good friends, i’m never going to have a good life, i’m never going to have an amazing romantic partner. So i’m just not gonna do anything, that’s really bad. That’s negative thinking that’s never gonna get you anywhere stop thinking that you don’t deserve it. Go out there and get.


             Speaking of deserving a better body stop making excuses for not working out. Like you don’t deserve a better body like you work too much so you don’t have time like the gym is too far or too expensive. Like you don’t know what to do at the gym. So you’re just not gonna go those are all terrible excuses hit the gym man get in there workout. If you don’t have the money to join a gym there’s no need go outside, go for a jog get some banned workouts at home get really good sleep eat well get in shape guys. Let’s all look amazing this whole community here on this.  Let’s get together and let’s get and amazing shape. 


               This next one is something that i did when i was about 22,23 and i just want to go over the importance of this one of the things that you need to stop doing right now is stop avoiding the big move. Stop avoiding a move if you hate where you live life is just too short for you not to take those chances sometimes you have to take some risks and you know what sometimes they’ll pay off sometimes they won’t. But if you don’t try it. If you don’t risk it you’re never going to find out, if you don’t risk anything in life you’re never going to get a return, you’re never going to get a payout you’re never going to get there is no return, if you don’t take a risk that’s just how it works.

              Usually high risk high reward right. So moving to a different city that is high risk but it’s high reward. You get to make new friends you get to find a new job, a career in the path that you’ve always wanted to take you get to enjoy, a new place, a completely new atmosphere location. 

            you get to learn so much more about the culture of that location. Whether it’s a different country or a different city or even just a different neighborhood. Whatever a big move means to you because we all interpret that differently and if you’re thinking about moving. 

          if you don’t like where you live right now i highly recommend you start actually putting things together making your plan and move just get it done just go over there. Even if it’s for a few months tell yourself you know what i’m gonna go for six months if it doesn’t work out i’ll come back if it works out amazing i’ll stay stop avoiding that move. If you hate where you live life is just too short.


               This next one is something that i don’t even know how else to say it pisses me off. It pisses me off to see people doing this nowadays if i hear this i lose all respect for a man if he says that i am driving with just a buzz. Just a buzz i just had a couple drinks i just had three drinks i’m a little a little buzzed. I’m just gonna drive home why would you do that why would do that. Nowadays there’s ride sharing apps right there’s cabs there’s but there’s public transportation in general that you can find pretty much anywhere in the world. 

it’s such a horrible idea terrible idea for you to drive with a buzz. If you had a few drinks all right. So whenever you’re thinking about getting behind that wheel and you’ve had a few drinks man just think about all of the consequences that could come. You could hit someone and kill a whole family you could literally drive into a pole and who knows, who’s going to be with you in the car. 

         You know it’s just not good, it is not a good move guys this is serious stuff man. I’ve  seen it happen you know with people around me and it is you lose respect for those people. Because it is so irresponsible please please please keep that in mind. Something that a man should never ever do is drive with just a bus. I’m just i just had a few drinks i’m good just a few beers no no no no still going to get a dui still going to get in trouble might put other people at risk that is a no-go zone all right. Guys stop doing this five things THE MEN NEED TO STOP DOING

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