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Hello guys, Welcome back to the men’s dream lifestyle. Dating can be tough right. You’re seeing someone you think things are going well then all of a sudden she just ghosts you. You never hear from her again. Why does that happen what did I do man? What did I do? why did I turn her off and how did I do it well? There are actually a lot of reasons and a lot of different ways that a guy can turn a woman off and in today’s we’re gonna cover the biggest turn-offs for women.


        The first thing THESE BEHAVIORS ARE THE TURN-OFFS FOR WOMEN that a woman is going to be looking for and if you don’t do it. It’s definitely going to turn it off is manscaping and having a proper grooming routine. Here’s the thing guys no girl want to go out with a guy who is dirty. Why doesn’t have proper hygiene who doesn’t you know trim his beard even though mine’s looking a little shaggy right now I admit? 

        No girls want that she wants you to manscape. She wants you to take care of your body hair. If it’s growing wild all over the place right. If you have a beard at least make sure that it’s nice and soft. Otherwise, you’re gonna try to make out with her and you’re literally just going to stab her in the face and that is not cool. 


        There’s a difference between looking manly and looking like a caveman you don’t want to be in the cave. Do this next one girls absolutely love a guy. who can dress well? It is a huge turn-off when a guy does not dress well. When he dresses crazy why? Imagine this girl wants to introduce you to her friends. But she knows that you dress really funky. She’s not gonna do that she’s not even going to introduce you to her friends. Because it is a turn off she’s embarrassed by your fashion and that is not a good place to be. 

        Your appearance is very important it says a lot about you. So obviously if you’re reading these blogs here about men’s fashion and grooming. You need to make sure that you are stepping it up and that you look amazing. Because you know what girls do it all the time. Girls take care of their bodies. Girls look incredible they put on makeup they put on high heels their feet hurt. So that they can look good for us always dress to impress that’s what I want from you guys. I want you to show up on your next date and I want you to crush it. I want you to feel your best.


        Next up guys THESE BEHAVIORS ARE THE TURN-OFFS FOR WOMEN something that will definitely turn women off is if you are bored all right. Let me say this every woman wants to be with someone with that she can spend time and actually enjoy it. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Someone that can keep her interested keeps her entertained effortlessly right. She doesn’t have to keep carrying on the conversation. She doesn’t have to keep carrying this relationship in her backpack right. If you’re a boring guy you’re definitely not going to make the cut. She’s going to get bored and lose interest in you guys, you need to bring your game. 

         Get some interesting hobbies that you can chat about. Travel as much as you can gain experiences and have interesting stories. Because that makes you an interesting man and I know this might sound a little harsh. But I’m not coming at you I want to help you guys. So instead of being boring and not having anything to talk about make sure that you’re prepping man. 

        If you’re one of those guys who you know have a hard time carrying your conversation we’re not very outgoing. Prep your mindset before this date. Think about what you’re gonna talk about. There is no shame in preparing for a date. If you’re feeling nervous an easy way to be an interesting guy is by sharpening your sense of humor. Write your conversation skills. So make sure that you’re practicing that before your next date.


         This next one THESE BEHAVIORS ARE THE TURN-OFFS FOR WOMEN might be a little surprising. But something that turns women off is the way that you drive depending on the way that you drive. There’s an actual experiment that shows that bad driving reduces your attractiveness by 50%. Because your style of driving reflects your personality. 

         So if you’re a bad driver that is obviously a huge red flag. Most girls would notice this they’re gonna see it. So guys are thinking about your driving. When you have her next to you. Don’t drive carelessly and recklessly. But don’t drive really slow and boring like an old woman either. You know get your driving game in check make sure that. You’re being safe but also you know don’t be extremely boring and slow.


        The women absolutely hate especially when you’re in a relationship for a while. She’s gonna start noticing that you are bad at paying attention to details. That is a huge turn-up. This is a funny one because this is just how guys are sometimes I get it. But what might seem so little to you is actually a big deal to them. 

        This is why you should pay attention to everything sure that you’re scanning at all times and understand. What’s happening you should get a haircut, you should do her nails. People who pay attention to details come off as trustworthy and reliable and women like that. Little things like remembering important dates like her birthday, her parent’s birthdays sending random thoughtful texts or photos. 

        Hey, I’m doing this check this out I thought of you. That is an amazing way. O show that you’re thinking about her to show that you’re paying attention to the detail and that you care about her. Anytime you notice something that she has changed about her appearance. Make sure to let him.


       Now I’ll say this guys this is probably the biggest turn-off on today’s list. We’ve had some big ones so this is a big one and that is being insecure. Women love guys who are confident and sure of themselves. Guys who know what they’re doing and who are stable right. When you’re insecure you give her the impression that. You don’t know what you’re doing in your life. You haven’t really found yourself yet and women don’t want that. They want someone that is secure that is well put together right. That has this stuff together. So guys start working on yourselves now and if you’re reading this blog then you’re already ahead of most guys. 

          Because you are working on yourself right now right and that is incredible. Being insecure is going to be a huge turn-off and you do not want that. Now I don’t want you to be cocky I want you to be confident there is a difference. Being cocky is not good being confident is the way to go. So make sure that you are confident not only with your conversations and everything. Guys make sure to follow these tips and be happy with your girlfriend and share with your friends thank you guys see you on the next good topic.

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