Hello guys, welcome back, and in today’s blog we are going over the seven items that women love men, and this is confirmed by none other than my girlfriend rob. I asked my girlfriend I said a lot of the guys want to hear from a girl. So can you let us know can you let everyone here know what girls want guys to wear?


i love you man suit

First up is a suit. But the key here is that it has to fit you really really well. Guys I’ve been telling you all along a suit makes you look like a boss it makes you look like a CEO it makes you look sharp. It makes you look like a grown-up right. This is not for children this is for a man right that is exactly why my girlfriend said that it’s true every time. 

I put on a suit she’s like wow you look so handsome today. You look great you look sharp, you look elegant so make sure that you have a suit in your wardrobe. Because you never know when you’re gonna need it. Whether it’s a wedding or a job interview you’re gonna have to wear a suit at some point or another. So you might as well get something that looks and fits you well.


Now the next up is a fitted white tee. Now I know this sounds very basic. But if you master this and it fits you really well. You’re going to look absolutely amazing. There is nothing like a fit, especially a white tee. The white tee they’re just crisp and clean it makes you look great and the cool thing about the white tee is. You know unlike the suit is that you can wear a white tee to do anything. You can go to the grocery store, you can go to the gym, you can go to the park, whatever you want to do. You can do it in a white tee and you can make it look good and he looks great man he looks amazing.


what your watch says about you

The next up is a watch this one here is no secret right. If you see before blog I always tell you guys that wearing a watch is a must.


Also, every guy needs a good cologne you need to smell as good as you look and you’ll leave a great impression. You just can’t look great and then smell bad it just doesn’t work right. It’s like you look great from afar and the closer you get. You’re like oh man I don’t know about this, I don’t know about this scent, I don’t know about this fragrance, or even worse B.O. So make sure that you’re wearing colognes make sure that you have a couple of different fragrances that you can go back and forth with and smell amazing. 


The next up is a moisturizer now. I’m not just talking about the fact I’m also talking about the body. We take care of our skin our whole bodies and it would be really nice. If men did the same thing no more of those dry elbows knees heels and hands. 

You know when my girlfriend said that I was like I mean I get it I understand. But I didn’t think this was gonna be part of the list I didn’t think. It was so high up on the list but it really is you know girls take care of their skin as she said. So why don’t guys do the same we have to make sure that we don’t have like dry skin. You know wrinkles not only in our faces but our bodies as well. 

Apply a moisturizer to your face after you wash it to bring the hydration back to make sure that you get nice even skin tones and do the same for your body. You know elbows especially and knees because those tend to get pretty dry pretty easily. Your feet as well and I do have a lot of tattoos actually that you guys. 


The next up is the button-up oxford shirt now as we said a fitted tee is great. But sometimes you need to step it up you need to elevate your game and a butted-up oxford shirt is a perfect way to do that. I got to keep it real with you guys I don’t really like wearing button-up shirts. I really don’t I mean how often do you see me wearing them here unless. It’s like a cool one with a patterned summer, I just it’s not my vibe. But I get where she’s coming from you know if you have like a button-up shirt. 

You tuck it in you have like nice trousers on it’s gonna look good. It’s gonna look professional, it’s gonna look clean crisp so make sure that you have a couple of those at home. A crisp white oxford button-up is a must for every single guy and you need to make sure that it fits you well. 

So look at the sleeve right and make sure that it’s not too baggy around your waist. So you’re gonna get that muffin top and of course, make sure that it fits around your neck properly and if you can start with the white button-up then also get a black or a light blue. Because those are classic they will never go out of style.


I absolutely love it. I was so glad when my girlfriend said glasses. Because I’m like a man I really like wearing glasses and she compliments them all the time. So I wonder if that’s gonna be on the list and it was my boys. I’ve been telling you glasses make you look great and elevate your look. They make you look more sophisticated they make you look smarter than you really are they make you look elegant. So why not in the pro tip you can get them for pretty cheap you don’t have to spend a ton of money on designer glasses. So now you know the seven items that women love on men confirmed.

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