Hello guys, Welcome back to Men’s Dream lifestyle. As men, we are culturally expected to be strong right. But just because society demands that strength for men. It doesn’t mean that we’re naturally strong. We have to work on our strengths by finding our weaknesses and beating them down with practice discipline research training and with a lot of time. It’s an ever-growing process. And today I want to talk about the five weaknesses that you should overcome as soon as possible.


        The first weakness that you need to overcome is laziness. Laziness is the cause of so much pain later in your life. As you get older you definitely realize one thing life is short so make the best. Don’t be lazy with work don’t be lazy with your relationships. Don’t waste your time on meaningless activities. Because you’re going to end up regretting it later. And don’t confuse meaningless activities with having fun with your friends or your loved ones. Because that is definitely not meaningless. 

         But maybe early on tick-tock for two hours a day or watching hours of Netflix that can all be seen as lazy and possibly meaningless depending on what you’re watching and why? Take that time to do something with your life. You know anything from a hobby that you really enjoy like playing an instrument or reading a helpful book. Learning something new seeing your loved ones furthering your career or your studies. 

         There is nothing wrong with being lazy once in a while trust me it’s kind of fun right. And having a nice quiet relaxing night for example I love those. The problem is when they happen too often and you start to fall behind then later in life you realize that. 

         You could have done more and the feeling of I could have done more but I don’t. It’s probably one of the most gut-wrenching feelings. You can have it because it’s all on you and it’s no one else’s fault. So when laziness starts to creep. I try your best to push through and you’re gonna be proud of yourself for beating down that weakness.


       The next weakness we should all overcome is of course physical weakness. Beating down laziness so that we can work out. For example: So that we can stay active get some time outdoors and some fresh air. So that we can be healthy enough to enjoy our lives for many many years to come. Physical weakness will prevent you from living a great life right. If you’re not healthy enough to travel there is no money in the world that will fix it. 

        If you’re not healthy enough to walk up a flight of stairs. Your life is not going to be as fulfilling as it could be. If you have no energy to enjoy your friends and your family. If you’re unhealthy to a point. That you can’t find a partner. Because your lifestyle choices are clearly sideways then it becomes an even larger problem. So workout is active sleep well and eats healthy foods. If you want an extra push a boost that will help you get fit to look and feel your absolute best.


        The next THIS WEAKNESS ALL MEN MUST OVERCOME topic that I want to talk about is overthinking. This is a huge weakness for men and it needs to be overcome. The problem with overthinking is that it freezes your mood right. If you’re overthinking you’re not acting you’re not thinking about something. Doing research and doing your due diligence is a good thing. Overthinking is not it’s an unnecessary waste of time and brainpower. It’s going to keep you from actually doing those things that you’re thinking about doing. 

       Overthinking leads to procrastination. It’s like those people who love to write to-do lists and they’ll take an hour to write this amazing to-do list. But then because they took so long to write it they’re not gonna have time to actually do the things on the list. Because they took so long to write it so it’s too much. Overthinking and procrastinating are our productivity killers. They’re going to hinder your growth as a person so the best thing that you can do is to simply do. 

        Another issue with overthinking is that you start to find reasons as to why you shouldn’t do it? What you’re thinking about right? You start to think well. What if this happens? When I’m doing that or what if that happens and then you start to think about these possibilities and they’re endless right. This means now you’re not acting you’re just thinking about everything that could go wrong and that is limiting that is going to crush your confidence. Like I said thinking is good but be careful with overthinking and letting that weight sink in that pressure limits your moves. That is not helpful in any case.


        Next, this one is extremely important. Because if you can’t overcome this you’re basically limited for the rest of your life and that is self-imposed limitations. Thinking that you can’t do it. Because you’re not good enough. These are all in your head all limitations that you put on yourself right. Would you tell someone who you love let’s say right? That they couldn’t do it that they couldn’t have their dream job. If they worked hard for it. That they couldn’t be successful if they put everything into it. Probably not right you wouldn’t tell them that. 

         So why do we tell ourselves that a limiting mindset is dangerous? Because it keeps you from believing in yourself. And if you truly believe that you can’t do something then you most definitely will not be able to do it. Instead, you have to be your own best cheerleader. You have to believe in yourself and say you know what maybe I can’t do it yet. But I’m gonna learn I’m gonna push hard I’m going to achieve the goals. I set it for myself because doable. Because if other people can do it then you bet your ass and I can do it too.


        The next weakness that you have to overcome is an ongoing weakness that I battle pretty much every day and that is being impatient. I want things done and I want things done now. So that I can move on to the next thing and that mindset. If you know it’s good to a degree it keeps me moving it allows me to push as hard as I can to grow in my field. But it also hurts me because things just take time. Being impatient can be very damaging to your mind healthy. You’re going to quickly find out that to get something done properly you need time. Guys don’t do this weakness and share your friends and I see you next good topic.

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