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what do men find most attractive in a woman

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The best thing about women is that they come in all shapes and sizes. But what do men find most attractive in a woman? What can make or break a man’s attraction? I’m going to give you some pointers on what makes a woman beautiful and how to attract the man of your dreams.

15 things men notice in women, When it comes to attracting men there are many things that females frequently take for granted in terms of what guys notice and find attractive about women, Most of the time. You probable believe that males just notice your physique or some other feature of you appearance at first, and to some extent you are correct. However, your physical characteristics aren’t the only things that males notice. Guys notice a lot more about a woman than simply her visible, external characteristics. Whether you believe it or not, When it comes to women, Males are said to have been very visual and observant. Check out our list to find out exactly what men notice in women.

1. Personality

women Personality

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Even the most gorgeous megan fox clone, will struggle to find love if her personality is shallow, harsh. Otherwise unpleasant, though it may take a little longer for men to notice a terrible personality than a good one, they do. It’s often the difference between a man’s desire to long term.

2. confidence

women confidence

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Men are also quite fast to judge a girl’s confidence. It is not a matter of a physical characteristic, as it. is with hair or a smile. When it comes to confidence it can be seen in every action you make and in your very pose and that is important. It indicates how comfortable you are in your own self. No male wants to be around a woman who is extremely insecure or persistently unhappy. That is why? They are naturally attracted to identity women, They are brilliant and it is a pleasure to be around them. The way you move, stand and show your body language reveals a lot about your confidence and personality.

3. Chest

women chest

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Perhaps you think that the first thing a man notices about a woman is her chest. But you are mistaken, Men are not as shallow as many women believe. According to several polls and studies. Males notice a woman’s breast just after her smile and eyes. Breasts are commonly seen as a symbol of youth infertility. Which is one of the reasons why most men pat attention to a woman’s chest, however? Everyone’s taste varies. What appeals to one guy may be repulsive to another, as a result. Don’t be concerned about your breasts, simply put on suitable undergarments and consider weightlifting workouts.

4. Nails

women nails

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Probably you never thought how important nails are to men, we can all agree that it isn’t always the first thing men notice, they do they’ll notice them. The more unique the nails the faster men will notice them, a very well hand goes a long way. This is about a woman who takes care of herself, Men on the other hand like basic nails that appear natural and healthy. Women have very long nails painted in brilliant colors, Which they prefer to accentuate. Men still like classic red nails or french manicures, They appear to be both natural and beautiful.

5. Eyes

women eyes

what do men find most attractive in a woman

70% of guys appear to notice a woman’s eyes first, When he sees you on the street. You may believe that he has already judged your figure and compared you to other slim females. But this is not the truth, He will first look you in the eyes men have various preferences depending on whether they have brown, green or blue eyes and the color isn’t really that important, furthermore. Your eve makeup is important, because they are unfamiliar with eyeliners or mascaras. 

What men will notice first is the light and happiness you exude through you eyes. Your wyes are a reflection of your mind and they primarily whether you’re happy, sad, scared or excited, furthermore. The reality is that our eyes usually reveal a lot about our personality, He may notice that you are shy, reserved or energetic and happy. Some things are unavoidable and some guys can read your face like a book. If you’re in a terrible mood and feeling down. But there’s a chance you’ll run into them soon. You should try on some sunglasses, They can be of some assistance.

6. Smile

women smile

what do men find most attractive in a woman

A lady who smiles signals to men that they do not need to hesitate and may begin flirting. A smiling woman also represents great personality, kindness and a sense of humor. Who wouldn’t want to date someone like that a woman’s positive attitude is attracted to her by her smile, Which acts as a magnet, because laughter is contagious, Men around you will only feel better. 

Don’t say you’re too shy to smile at that guy you just meet you don’t have to say anything, but a smile will be enough as an invitation. Some girls complain that their teeth prevent them from smiling, They’re either crooked or not very white. This isn’t a good excuse commercials have been promoting a beautiful smile with no faults. However this is simply a commercial and it was most likely photoshopped for hours, and most guys do not have strong requirements that allow them to date just models. They are also simply regular men with flaws, therefore they will understand yours as well.

7. Hair

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Long healthy and shining hair will not go unnoticed, Hair in good condition is a sign of youth and healthy blonde girls are said to be more appealing to men. However this is completely false, women with all hair colors have the same possibility, men have various views. Some favor blondes because they appear more delicate, innocent or just like angles others on the other hand. Will constantly seek for brunette girls believing that they appear more mysterious, Redheads have a chance as well since they appear attractive and crazy. 

You may notice how you style your hair and if it is messy and oily it is not attractive. So instead of seeking fresh coloring to make your hair seem different. Invest in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and take good care of you hair. Such an attitude will pay off and he will not be able to take his gaze away from your shining healthy looking hair.

8. How Active Your Social Life

Guys want to date a well-liked female just as much as ladies want to date a guy with a lot of friends and a busy life. This does not indicate that you must be miss congeniality, But it does indicate that if you want to attract a man, You must have a life.

9. How Much Common Sense you Have

If a guy wants to date for the long term, He will look for a female with common sense and the ability to take care of herself without being babysat. A lady who can’t think without making awful judgment mistakes isn’t attractive, at least not if you’re searching for a long-term commitment, They’ll notice believe me.

10. Makeup

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Researchers have also found the type of eye makeup that guys like when they meet women. It turns out that basic shadows faint eyeliner and a smear mascara are all you need to turn on men. You don’t need artificial lashes or rainbow eyeshadow. Men like things to be as simple as possible, and they despise panda women with heavy layers of makeup on their faces. They frequently wonder who they want to be live, when it comes to makeup, There may be different points of view. You might not know how much makeup to apply on your face to be beautiful to him, without overdoing. 

The greatest thing you can do is look for natural, understated cosmetics that will simply enhance your beauty, Rather than making you appear like a drama queen or a provocative girl. Most guys want to view you as delicate, innocent and feminine. How do you like your makeup on a daily basis, Do you have a habit of putting too much in.

11. Legs

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Long legs are frequently seen as an indication of excellent genetics. Tall men may find a lady with slim, Long legs quite attractive, Long legs are not necessary while looking for a partner. But a girl going down the street in a little skirt and high heels usually attracts attention, However? If the male is short he will feel more at ease with a short lady as well. Legs do not have to be especially length in general, But they are more appealing when they are thinner.

12. Scent

women scents

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Men choose their relationships based on their sense of smell, Therefore your pheromones. Not your perfume are important, It doesn’t mean you should discard your deodorant, perfumes and body lotions in exchange for your natural body’s smell no! that’s not what we were talking about. All of these cosmetics are acceptable, When used in moderation. If you spray your entire body with a fragrant aroma to catch his attention. You will most likely flee, allow your pheromones to do their thing as well, You’ll have to wait and see what happens. 

13. Dressing Style

men prefer women who dress in a classy style, This means you should keep you skin to a minimum, allow his imagination to go wild and don’t reveal to him all of your assets right soon. Dress in a classy and elegant manner, If your top is too exposing go for a longer skirt and vice versa. Show him simply a portion of your features and let him picture how you’d appear in that hot clothing sense of course. He’ll have such fantasies as a man.

14. Shoes

woman shoes

what do men find most attractive in a woman

Beautiful shoes may lengthen your legs and improve your overall appearance, Which? men will will notice. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high heels that you can barely walk in, There are several comfortable. Not too high shoes that are yet so attractive that men will notice them. It’s much nicer if the guy is short and wear flat or sneakers. The most important things is to wear clean and comfortable footwear, Not the most expensive.

15. Attitude

Men pick up on women’s attitudes fast, A lady who is nice pleasant and fun always receives a bonus. It just informs them that they cannot be bored or miserable with you, Men are drawn to men that exude happily, positive energy, they make us feel better, more at ease and nicer, we forget about our issues, responsibilities and daily stress. Who wouldn’t to hang out with such a cheerful person on a daily basis, Being positive pays off big time unfortunately. Not everyone is born with such an attitude, Some people appear to be born grumpy and complain about everything they see. Every if you try to hide your bad feelings to impress a guy, He will notice them in your eyes, mimics and the way you act around him.

So instead of hiding your gloomy side, Consider shifting your attitude and smiling more, smile even at strangers. It will only increase your chances of making new friends.

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