low testosterone in men

Hello guys, I know days why the testosterone levels are low so many people why? Today I tall you reason and follow these tips and your testosterone level are high and your health person.


       Honestly, it’s no surprise that consuming too much alcohol can and will drop your testosterone levels. I get it you want to hang out with the boys you want to have a few beers or if you’re feeling adventurous a few shorts and that’s okay. Once in a while but listen to this research has found that testosterone levels can drop in as little as 30 minutes after alcohol consumption. 30 minutes like that and that’s because alcohol interferes with those organs in your body. That will produce testosterone and cause them to produce less and less testosterone over time.

       So guys you don’t have to drink so much alcohol to have fun there are tons of other ways to have fun. But if you do drink then just know that it will lower your testosterone levels and that in turn will bring other issues like no sex, drive low muscle growth and recovery, etc…


        Another major cause of low testosterone levels in the body is a lack of exercise. Exercising isn’t only about losing weight and building muscle. Exercising is also going to help you raise your testosterone levels and live a healthier life. When you work out your body begins to produce more and more testosterone. Which helps you build more muscle and also improve that healthy lifestyle. 

       But when you don’t exercise there is nothing stimulating your body to release more testosterone. This then becomes a problem being overweight or obese can also affect your testosterone levels and cause them to drop and low testosterone levels will cause you to gain weight. So you see it’s a snowball effect so you have to be careful and think about this before it’s too late.


        Now like I mentioned what you eat definitely affects your testosterone levels. This is why you have to make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet. So that your body can get all, the nutrients, that it needs to function properly and that’s why I’m so picky about it. what I eat try to eat as healthy as possible. You know I have my cheat taste, I like my chocolate, I like pretty much carbs in general. 

         But when you don’t eat right you’re depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs to perform. Which can cause your testosterone levels to drop besides all of the other negatives that come from not having a healthy diet. 

        So to avoid low testosterone levels. Eating a healthy diet is extremely important to make sure you know unless you’re a vegan of course meat, fish, eggs, and a lot of veggies that will help and avoid foods. That contain soy oily foods and of course fast food sugar fats, etc… Because that’s going to make you a healthier man and of course, that is what I want for you guys. I want the absolute best when it comes to you guys.


        The next point is for you guys who are maybe bodybuilders or maybe you just want to look ripped. We’re going to talk about steroids guys we have to look at them. Steroids it’s a sensitive topic I mean they can help you look shredded with a ton of muscle you can gain a lot of strength muscle mass so much more there are a lot of benefits let’s be honest there but when you abuse steroids that is clearly a problem. 

       Steroids are mostly let’s say a form of artificial testosterone. That is supposed to increase the level of testosterone in your body. To help build muscle mass and strength and recovery right but what can happen is your body is going to start producing less and less testosterone. Why? Because you already have all of that extra artificial testosterone in your body. So your body is thinking hey we don’t need to produce more testosterone here. Because we already have enough so then it stops producing testosterone. 

        But what happens? when you stop taking steroids this is where it gets really bad right. You may start losing your hair your body will change your testosterone levels will lower. Your voice might change your skin you’re going to get breakouts I mean it can be really really bad. So my advice personal advice here would be not to take steroids. I’ll be honest I have friends who have done it they look great. 

        But I am all-natural and with hard work in a healthy diet. I kind of looked the same man I really did I’m just here to give you information and my thoughts at the end of the day it is up to you. But that is my recommendation.


        Do you know what else causes your testosterone levels to dip good old natural aging getting older you can’t escape it? I’m getting older you’re getting older you’re older now than you were when you started to read this blog. We’re all together in this but that doesn’t mean that we should stop living right. We need to be healthy we should have enough energy to do. What we want to be active to travel to be with our friends and hang out and with our partners we should have the sex drive that we need and we want as men. 

        It’s totally normal for your testosterone levels to start dropping. As you grow older it’s going to happen. So it’s not embarrassing. It’s something that will happen what is embarrassing is if you don’t do anything about it. Because your life will change your partner will notice your body will change. You’re not gonna like those changes there’s something you can do about it get checked sure that you’re doing okay and then if you need it then you can work on it knowing your testosterone levels this is a game-changer.

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