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Hello guys, Today’s topic is WOMEN ALWAYS NOTICE THIS THING TO GUYS. Sometimes, guys, we mess up we don’t pay attention to details as much as women do right they’re great at that we could use a little help so I did some research to find out what women always notice on guys things that sometimes we completely miss but they matter to women. 

So I want you to look absolutely right I want you to put your best foot forward imagine being on a date you think went well then she’d never text you back ever again and now you have no idea why you start to question yourself right I’m like what did I do wrong was it my breath like what happened well that is why today I have a list of the things that women always notice even if we don’t and if this topic is interesting to you.


        The first thing she is for sure going to notice, whether you like it or not, whether it’s private, whether it’s like really hard to find I’m telling you she will find it is your social media. Girls have a superpower and they will sniff it out, man. They will find every little photo that you’ve ever taken of the food of your pets or your ex and that could be very very bad. 

         So guys I highly suggest you make sure that your social media game is on point. I’m not talking about hiring a team and a photographer and all I’m just saying be careful with what you post. Because once you post it once you click that post publish button it’s over, it’s out. There and you can never pull it back it is out there forever. These are WOMEN who ALWAYS NOTICE THIS THING TO GUYS.


       The next thing they’re for sure going to notice is your teeth. I’m telling you man it’s crazy! girls definitely notice your teeth. So you know do the basics we’re not talking about making sure that you have really insane-looking teeth. I am saying brush your teeth floss and if you can get them whitened. You can do it professionally or you can even do it at home. Which is pretty affordable two things that will make your teeth look so much better that I highly recommend.

     One course getting braces or whatever new technology they have nowadays to make your teeth look nice and straight highly recommend. You do that as early as possible. Because the younger you are the easier it is to do that and then two whiten your teeth. Because man if you have straight white teeth it’s going to look amazing when you flash that smile you’re going to be confident and trust me they will love it. These are WOMEN ALWAYS NOTICE THIS THING TO GUYS


        The next thing that girls will definitely notice is going to be your skin and this one is interesting. Because to be honest guys will also notice that right. The skin is so easy to see if you have breakouts if you don’t have clear skin it’s very obvious. That’s why it’s such a big topic here on this site. I’m always telling you guys and you know this if you need to take care of your skin. You need make to have good products and you need to make sure to remember to use them at least twice a day.


        The next thing is that it’s embarrassing! but it happens to every guy and girls notice man they will see this they will find out. I’m talking about your eyes your gaze you know because sometimes it gravitates to places where it shouldn’t be and it just you did sometimes you didn’t even mean to but it happens. But they will know, they will for sure notice and you’re going to be embarrassed. 

        So my advice to you is to make sure that you are focused you got to look at the eyes. Eye contact is very important here don’t go any lower because it’s disrespectful she’s going to notice no matter what she’s wearing make sure that you’re maintaining eye contact and that you’re being respectful of your body. These are WOMEN who ALWAYS NOTICE THIS THING TO GUYS.


        This brings me to my next point you got to have manners. You know nowadays I feel like it’s almost taboo to say thank you and please and excuse me it’s like. Why are people becoming ruder and ruder I don’t understand. Like, am I getting super old what’s going on here man having manners is extremely important. 

        I’m a big believer in saying thank you, saying please, saying excuse me, you have to add those words to your vocabulary and you have to use them every single day. Not only that but opening the door to your girlfriend or to your date right or paying for dinner are things that are just that. How it is not picking your nose at the dinner table or really picking your nose in front of anyone in public. Not you know readjusting your junk in front of people that is embarrassing. And disgusting just having manners always think back to James bond 007 what would he do he’s not going to burp at the dinner table that’s for sure.


        The next up is facial grooming! Now, this is something that is extremely important and it says a lot about you right. If I came up here and I was trying to tell you guys about how to look good, how to feel good, how to improve your lives and my beard was all over the place. My hair was all messed up and I was wearing some frumpy clothes. 

       You’d be like this guy. I can’t really take him seriously like he can’t tell me. What to do look at him and that is just how his physical appearance is an extremely important right. Even if I was up here giving you the same exact tips and I just looked frumpy at you. Probably would look at me with different eyes right. 

       You just would not be the same you would judge me and that’s fair and girls pay attention to those details. Why because they take such good care of themselves, they take forever to get ready, they’re doing their hair, they spend money on nails and then they get a tan right all. So that they can look amazing. 

       But for themselves as well and we need to do the same why not invest in ourselves why not shape up our beards right. Put a little argan oil in the hair make sure that you’re using good products and make sure that you look your best. Especially if you’re going on a date for yourself and out of respect to this lady. Who are you know going out with you which by the way?


        Bring me to my next point because when you look good, you feel good and what does that give you confidence. Confidence is one of the most powerful weapons that any man can have. I’m telling you once you are confident you can’t do anything. You can accomplish anything because all of a sudden there is no ceiling you can break past through that right. 

        You can literally do whatever you want because you know deep in yourself that you can do it. This means you’re not limiting yourself that limiting mindset is extremely toxic for you. Because it’s going to limit you from achieving your goals right. If you don’t have confidence you’re not even going to go on that date. why?

       Because you’re not even going to get that date because you’re not even going to ask for it. Confidence will change your life and yeah doing your beard and your hair and making sure that you look good is going to give you that confidence boost. Everything on this list will make you more confident from your teeth to the way. That you walk your posture your hair everything but of course it’s got to come from here and you have to understand. 

       That you can do anything you set your mind to once. You know that start acting on it and trust me your life will absolutely change and like. I said to be confident you need to make sure that you have clear skin because otherwise you’re not even going to want to leave your house. If you have breakouts you’re not going to feel good yourself. Guys thank you and share your friends to see your next good content. These are WOMEN who ALWAYS NOTICE THIS THING TO GUYS.

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